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Gaming Mouse vs. Standard Keyboard

Gaming Mouse vs. Standard Keyboard: Which is More Important?

Many online gamers today use a gaming mouse, which is a peripheral that attaches to the computer and allows users to move the mouse pointer by using their bodies movements, or hand.

The primary benefit of using one is that it can take advantage of the accuracy and speed benefits of our hands rather than relying solely on what we can do with our hands and wrists.

This makes it harder for other players to react in time. In this way, a gaming mouse can be compared to a sniper rifle, as it has a very small window of time in which the opponent can react. Also, unlike a standard keyboard/mouse combination, there is no tactile feedback.

This means that players will have to rely more on their peripheral vision and their ability to predict what would happen were they to try and throw a punch or throw the controller at their opponent.

However, there are also some drawbacks. If a player feels they are having a hard time aiming accurately, they might move their mouse to the side, which can cause all sorts of problems.

Also, if a player is moving while playing a game, an accidental movement while using a mouse can lead to very messy results.

This is because while the player just wants to move their character around in an RPG, he/she can accidentally slide across the keyboard and touch some other key on accident. This can lead to very messy results.

So what are the benefits of having a gaming mouse? Well, there are many, including things that are very obvious, but not all that intuitive. For example, many gamers believe that having a gaming mouse is the best way to play real time strategy games.

This is because if no latency exists in playing these games, it could mean being able to micromanage armies at a much quicker rate than with a standard keyboard/mouse combination.

Also, the ability to control the camera in a game such as Half-Life 2 is made that much easier with a mouse.

Not only can you move it around, but you can also zoom in and out on the character. Another benefit of using a gaming mouse is that it can be used for many different games.

This is because many games do not use the keyboard and mouse in some manner and so some form of mouse support must exist to ease players into their new game.

However, using a gaming mouse does have its drawbacks. For instance, some people consider them to be an annoyance because they must always be charged or the batteries will die.

Also, gaming mice cost more than standard keyboards/mice combinations which is an issue for many people who do not feel that they are actually worth the extra money spent on them.

However, be aware that the topics of what is actually worth the money and how much money it will cost you are just as subjective as anything else.

So, which is more important? Well, to answer that question requires us to ask ourselves one more question first. What game should we be playing right now? For many games, it should definitely be an RPG (role-playing game) by any means necessary.

This is because the mouse is required in order to play this game properly. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule, including City of Heroes and City of Villains which does not require the use of a mouse.

But if we assume that you are playing an RPG, then it becomes clear that the best choice is to use a gaming mouse over a standard keyboard/mouse combination.

This is because it allows for quicker movement, more accurate character control and if you can afford it, multiple hotkeys for quick spells or abilities.

However, for players who are still trying to build up their gaming skills, it might be best to start with a standard keyboard/mouse combination and work from there.



In conclusion, if you have been researching on gaming mice and want more information about the topic, then this article is a good place to start.

We have gone over some of the basic ideas behind gaming mice and how they work. We have also discussed the benefits and drawbacks to using a gaming mouse. Finally, we have revealed that a gaming mouse is a necessity when playing an RPG. We hope that you have found our article on gaming mice to be interesting and insightful to say the least.