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Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners – Cleaning Technology of the Future?

The popularity of robot vacuum cleaner is on the rise, and for good reason. Although a conventional vacuum cleaner has a multitude of uses, the most important one may be to suck up dust from carpets.

However, many people are troubled by the sense of guilt they feel when they see their beloved pet or child walking across a room after they have been vacuuming. In addition, walking around with a vacuum cleaner can be exhausting for both humans and dogs.

There are a few existing robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, but they all require some kind of input from a human. Most of these devices are large and expensive.

As a result, one often wonders whether these robots will ever come close to achieving the dream of cleaning every room in one’s house with ease.

Now, quite unexpectedly and somewhat provocatively, there are new concepts in vacuum cleaner design that are making it possible for smaller robots to be able to clean rooms without requiring any human interaction at all.

Robots with an intelligence of their own are already here, and they are poised to not only make the vacuum cleaner a thing of the past, but also to change our lives in other areas as well, such as personal assistance.


The Possibilities Are Endless

Throughout history, a vacuum cleaner has always been just a tool that helps us get rid of dirt without having to be there. However, with the research taking place in this area of robotics, it may also be possible to have one’s own personal assistant and watch over our homes while we are away.

In fact, it is already possible to have a robotic vacuum cleaner that follows you around the house and not at all like those devices used by the police.


The Future of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

In case you were wondering about how well the future of robotic vacuum cleaners is going to go over with us humans, some studies were conducted in order to determine what it would take for us to get comfortable with robots cleaning our homes.

Most of us would like a vacuum cleaner that looks like a human being, that can talk to us and can even give us compliments. We also want the robot to understand our commands and do what we want it to do every time we ask it to do something for us.

According to research conducted by Stanley H. vision and robotics expert, we will not get all of these things at once. We are not going to be spending our days chatting with a robotic vacuum cleaner and praising it for being able to do its job well. In fact, we will probably end up being very uncomfortable with them.

Research into this type of robotic device is still in development, however some early results are quite interesting. It appears that the most important factor for humans to get comfortable with robotic vacuum cleaners is movement. We want to be able to see the devices moving around our rooms constantly as they clean them.