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Best Fly Reel Under 200

Fly reels are generally less known and appreciated items. Their only significance arises when they eventually bet in the fish. It hence goes that selecting the right flywheel is a critical undertaking. The gadget comes in numerous shades, sizes, designs, and price availability.

Choosing the right one for the job may not always be a convenient thing to do. We talk about the most popular choices of the reels in this article. To do this, we are going to look into five of the best fly reel under 200. These also go well with any fisherman.

As part of this, we shall also look into the three most popular brands, which you might have to check out later.

Best Fly under 200

Not many reels are available at this given price range. You are hence advised to prioritize what you truly badly need. Our shortlist here below endeavors to summarize the top reels at that price.

Before we set out, we do acknowledge the inconvenience that an improper choice of a reel can impose on you.

Hence, you should be really specific with the kind of item you eventually set your hands on. Below are five of the most interesting options that are cheaper and functional in equal measure.

#1: Piscifun Platte Fly Fishing Reel – The Fully-sealed Reel with an Effective Drag Technology


Best Fly Reel Under 200

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Plscifun Platte is generally meant for the angler. It does come about in strong and effective body design and suits just about any other water condition.

In its entirety, it does come about in three beautiful shades for you to choose from. Its construction is also fully sealed. Also coming along is the Carbon and stainless steel drags that works wonders with the fish. This is not to mention that it requires minimal repairs and maintenance while being highly resistant to water, sand, and grit.

It is possible for you to convert a left hand retrieve to that of a right hand. The conversion is available in its whole life. With this reel, it is possible for you to realize more accurate and constant drag. These two maintain you in a state of accuracy when taking on more aggressive species.

On the whole, the construction is super light and comparatively simple to maintain. A strong ventilated spool also comes along. It is lighter and subsequently eliminates any excess weights to strengthen your grip and make it useful.


  • Aluminum alloy body construction
  • Optional 3 shades
  • Complete sealing
  • Backend lifetime warranty support


#2: Redington Behemoth Fly Reel – The Powerful Drag Reel!


Best Fly Reel Under 200

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Behemoth is one of the most reputable models. It is derived from the equally reputable brand, Redington. It is available in four different shade options. These blend well with the styles and preferences of most anglers.

Generally, it does emit an efficient and effective drag that similarly enables it to fish in just about any kind of environment. To add to this, the reel itself is compatible with maximum usability and the ability to fish without any excess efforts that leave any pains on your hands.

A good quality drag system that also adjusts smoothly form part of this system as well. Its adjustments are unlike any other as they are easier to engage especially when operating a squeezed time frame. At its core is the die-cast construction that is strong and robust enough to hand to you the fringe benefit of maximum durability at a price that is quite low.

In its overall design, the item is available in a huge arbor type. This expedites the processes of retrieving the fish from the waters. The memory lines are considerably reduced with this kind of approach. For this reason, this undoubtedly is a great reel you will possibly achieve or acquire for any amount of money.


  • Comes in four shade options
  • Has a strong motor
  • Its drag system adjusts appropriately
  • Features the extra-powerful die-cast construction


#3: Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel – The CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body!


Best Fly Reel Under 200

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This is a strong and smooth fish fly fishing reel. It does come about at a reasonable price. Though cheap, it is quite effective and easier to use in all water environments when all factors are put into consideration.

It does comprise a left handy set up. If you so wish, you may obtain a right-handed factory setup though. All you have to do is contact your seller.

On the whole, its drag is super smooth and relatively simpler to make do with by virtue of the stainless steel material makeup and the multi-disk cork configuration.

A one-way clutch bearing also exists in this package. Its role is to grant you the benefit of better engagement as it comes with a nice setting that allows for more accurate clicks as well as silent retrieves.

Its only issue is the fact that it is largely designed for those who are not professional. At the same time, it cannot handle extremely large species of fish. It is hence not the best option for the professional and the commercial fishermen.

In all, the weight of the reel is generally manageable, quite light and easier to sit on for too long duration of time. The hollow design it comes about in spares your hands from all sores and pains.


  • Available in 8 design options
  • Gives you many weight options to select from
  • Bears the Aluminum body construction
  • Backed by a generous 3-year warranty
  • Manages some smooth drag
  • Heavily resistant to rust


#4: Okuma SLV Die-cast Aluminum Fly Reel –The Multi-disk Drag System!


Best Fly Reel Under 200

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The reel embodies a strong Aluminum body construction that makes it perform exceptionally well in strong waters. While at it, the reel delivers some stable and comfortable grip thanks mainly to the nice material build.

Even when you have to use it for too long, chances are unlikely that you will experience any pains or soreness. Other elegant traits it manifests are the efficient drag washer that is manufactured by the pure stainless steel materials.

A multi-disk cork also exists as vital component of the structure. It makes the entire real more user-friendly to the angler who opts to make use of it.

Lastly comes the bushing drive system. As you may have already guessed, this one traps and catches the big fishes comfortably. It eliminates the effort and the fights you would normally have to go through to be able to catch your fish. Its accurate lines make the entire process full of fun!


  • Contains a steel drag washer
  • One direction roller bearings
  • Brass bushing systems
  • Delivers comfortable and stable grips


#5: Plscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel – The Mind-blowing Design with Cork/Teflon Disc Drag System


Best Fly Reel Under 200

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Plscifun Aoka is the most desirable choice for the angler and handles your regular fly fishing needs well. It is pretty cheap to afford. Nonetheless, it still manages the superior performances while making your fishing easier to undertake.

Its handle is comparatively larger in size. This makes it easier to hold while at the same time giving off some perfect grip for long hours of fishing. The drag system is not left out of the action either.

It bears a cork or Teflon disc that enables a better-pulling capability when extracting fish from the waters. On the whole, the quality of the entire construction is also great in the sense that it pairs a fully-machined and a die-cast spool.

Thanks to this awesome pairing, it is possible for you to change the retrieve by simply engaging your left and right hands. You, however, have to be extremely careful with the maintenance. That is because the construction does feature a thin Aluminum material that is incapable of bearing the rough handlings.

Do clean and maintain it regularly though. This the only guarantee that it handles all of your fishing perfectly well.


  • Pretty convenient fly line
  • Boasts of a cork drag system
  • Has a well-planned frame
  • Manufactured of a die-cast Aluminum frame



The quality of the reel you choose to work with definitely has a strong bearing on the kind of fishing experience you are bound to accrue. You nonetheless need not dig too deep in your pocket to be able to find the best reel. You may always check out with our list to find the best fly reel under 200.