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Best Foosball Tables 2021

Best Foosball Tables 2022

Playing a video game or game on your mobile is a fun way to spend your time. You can do it with your friends or family. However, sometimes, you also need to be involved directly in the gameplay.

For this reason, you will need a board or table game. Now, among many kinds of table games, you can find today, the foosball table is the only one that you need.

It’s a fun game to play. And, you also can combine it with many other games. Now, to get the Best Foosball Tables is not easy.

There are many products you need to compare. No need to worry. We have already shortened out for you. Here are 5 best foosball tables in 2022 you can buy.

Best Foosball Tables 2022

  1. Tornado Classic

You can trust the Tornado brand if it is about the foosball table. They have been creating so many high-quality table games.

This is one of them. This table game is designed for an amateur.

So, you can expect some easy-to-use experience from it. Furthermore, they also provide very excellent customer service.

You can ask them anything when you experience some trouble with this product. And, they will help you until the problem is solved.

The design is also amazing. It uses a high-quality laminate finish on the playing area for durability. They use black leather to cover the 1.5-inch thick cabinet surface to give it a longer lifespan.

Then, the rod’s handle is made of wood, which gives it some luxury touch. And, with the hollow steel rod, it feels so easy and light to turn it around.

Then, for your convenience, it has the unique internal routing that will lead the ball to come out of one position. It helps you to start the game easily. Indeed, this is the best choice for recreational or professional play.

  1. Tornado Tournament 3000 – Best Professional Foosball Table

This is another foosball table from Tornado that has the best quality you can get. It is made with the tournament-style concept in its design. Furthermore, the manufacturer itself stated that this is their best foosball table

The price might be a little bit up there. However, it’s reasonable as it has a set of high-quality features. The 1.5-inch thick stainless steel-laminate board for durability and the sturdy material to build the table are a few of these features. You can play it under heavy style play and guarantee it will survive for a long time.

As we mentioned, tournament-style is the main concept of this table. Therefore, people play it much faster than the standard.

To facilitate this fast-play need, Tornado uses the hollow steel rod for easy and fast turn. Also, it has pointed food to improve the ball bounce effect, while keeping it under control.

The three-man goalie setup is another addition here. Even though it is difficult to replace, it doesn’t stop users to use it to play a fun foosball table game. Tornado also provides a one-year warranty and satisfying customer support for you.

  1. Tornado Elite Foosball Table

Tornado also has this Elite Foosball Table for you who are looking for a premium foosball table. The sturdy construction, beautiful design, and best features are suitable for it to be the best foosball table you can have.

The table is pretty much compact (36” H x 56” W x 30” D). So, it is easy to place it in your room. Tornado uses wood as the main material for this table. Using the Victorian Cherry gives it an amazing look.

Then, for your fast gameplay, the telescopic steel rods were installed in it. You have total control over the movement and it’s also easy to turn around.

It also uses the three-man goalie like the other foosball table from Tornado. It’s a great option for kids and beginners. Furthermore, it uses the levelers to adjust the table height, plus the dual ball return for your convenience play.

  1. Tornado Sport Foosball Table

As for this one, Tornado makes it for a professional competition. And, this table was used in the world competition in 1986. In shorts, you can try a world-class foosball with this table.

Even though we call it the world-class foosball table, Tornado Sports can be considered as one of the cheapest tables by this brand.

Compared to other products, you can save more money on this product. This is indeed a great deal. You have a chance to enjoy the world-class foosball table without spending too much money.

Tornado uses the manufactured wood as the material to build this table. Then, it has Mahogany melamine finish to give it a nice touch of luxury.

Tornado uses the standard dimension for this product, which is 36” H x 56” W x 30” D. It is a perfect size for all rooms at your place.

Furthermore, the telescopic steel rod, adjustable legs with levelers, dual ball return system, and single goalie system give it an extra boost for your gameplay. When you buy it, you will also get a scoring slider manual and precession-ground balls.

  1. Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table for Kids

The last table we recommend is the Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table. As you can see from its name, this product is made for kids.

The size is smaller than the standard table fit for kids (38″ L x 19.75″ W x 8″ H). Even though it is a new product on the market, it gains popularity quite fast. Now, it is one of the best-seller products from this brand.

This table uses six silver steel rods and rubber legs for fast play. And, with this setup, your kids can have fun without worrying about damaging the table. This table uses three goalie systems. Plus, it is only 12-13 pound heavy, for ease of movement.



Now, you won’t have any problem finding the Best Foosball Tables in 2022. Choose one of those fives, and you will get what you want. Or, you also can use them as a reference to choose the product that you want to buy.