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Best Gaming TV 2022

You can immerse yourself more excitingly in the game you are playing if you pair your gaming console with just the right display, hence the necessity of getting the best gaming TV 2022.

In the past, the game-making technologies were generally a few steps behind the movie-making technologies, and so were the gaming trends.

When buying a new TV, buyers generally had the enjoyment of watching movies as the first objective in mind before thinking about anything else, including playing games. Any TVs that were great for movies and TV shows would be reliable enough for gaming.

The trends are changing nowadays. With the release of next-generation gaming consoles and the aggressive introduction of state-of-the-art gaming gadgets and accessories, gaming increasingly becomes a priority when buying a new TV.

As a consequence, TV makers start introducing many new features, ranging from improved resolution to excellent integration with the VR system, which gives their products real gaming power.

Gaming has now become the primary reason why today’s customers buy a new TV. The current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles demand a high-quality display to achieve the best gaming immersion.

And the coming of the new consoles, especially PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, makes a dedicated feature-laden gaming TV an indispensable necessity.

If you are a gaming enthusiast looking for the best gaming experience, knowing how to get the best gaming TV should be your priority.

The simplest way to find the best TV for gaming is by looking into the following basic features.


Resolution becomes the most frequently cited marketing buzzword in the television industry. When you want to buy a TV, you’ll first hear terms like HD TV, 4K TV, and so on.

The number of pixels that a TV unit can show on its screen indeed makes the image appear sharper and more detailed.

Although HD or even UHD TV is considered today’s norm, buying a 4K TV is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the best gaming experience with your latest gaming consoles.

Many things today, from YouTube to Netflix, have gone 4K, so lower resolutions will certainly be out of date in the near future.


Like resolution, the size of a TV unit also determines its dimensional superiority. The larger the TV is and the more pixels it shows, the better it is for everything, especially playing games.

A large TV throws you into the game environment better than a small TV. Large TV units also give you a clear edge when accuracy is a big factor for winning a game.

In a first-person shooter, for instance, you can headshot your enemies better if you can see them more clearly on the big screen.

How big your gaming TV should be? Although TV makers now release many models that can be as big as 80 inches in diameter, a 43-inch TV unit is regarded by many as the most preferred size for a UHD and 4K TV.

Color Management

When it comes to color management, there are four terms that you should be familiar with: HDR, OLED, QLED, and LED.

The first refers to a technology that allows the image to appear significantly crisper, more brilliant, and more natural with excellent brightness and contrast whereas the remaining three terms refer to the physical structure of the TV panel.

Today’s gaming TV must support HDR technology to deliver the most lifelike image. That’s an indispensable requirement. When it comes to the panel structure, you have to make a choice.

OLED is a technology whereby each pixel on the screen emits its light, so a true black can be achieved because a black pixel can simply turn itself off. If you want to enjoy the best contrast, OLED is your best choice.

However, LED and QLED (which is basically Samsung’s tweaked LED) can still be viable choices if the budget restricts you.

Besides, for some people who think that OLED appears too dark, the old LED technology may offer better brightness levels.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is rarely mentioned when a salesperson offers you a TV unit; however, it is a feature that you should not ignore.

You have to make sure that your TV has a high enough refresh rate because a low refresh rate makes motions on the screen appear blurry.

If you are ready to shop for the best gaming TV, here are five models to check out.


Best Gaming TV 2022

  1. LG OLED 55E8PUA – 55″ OLED 4K TV

A 55-inch OLED TV with 3840×2160 resolution is what you need for the best gaming experience. Its RGBW OLED system delivers the most accurate color representation with each pixel featuring the extra white color in addition to the RGB color.

It also offers the ultimate audiovisual immersion with its support to HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision technologies, though I have to admit that the sound is not of the top-notch quality.

When controlling the TV, you will surely love the versatility of LG’s WebOS multitasking operating system, which hears your voice excellently.


  • Excellent contrast with true blacks
  • Perfect color reproduction and HDR
  • Great sound quality and voice recognition


  • Mediocre design


  1. Samsung Q70R – 55 inch QLED 4K TV

You will not get the OLED technology on a Samsung TV, but the QLED technology is sufficiently good at providing dramatic improvement to the contrast and clarity of the image.

The QLED system does have some weaknesses though, especially in the viewing angle department, which is quite visible in this model.

Regardless, if you watch the TV from just the right angle, colors, brightness, and contrast appear lifelike and the TV’s refresh rate is among the best. You will also love the TV’s HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG support, though it lacks the Dolby Vision support.


  • Excellent refresh rate
  • Excellent contrast and brightness controls


  • Poor viewing angle


  1. Samsung UN55RU8000FXZA – 55″ 4K TV

Samsung’s MicroLED technology is the company’s next-gen flagship technology that combines the best of the OLED and QLED technologies.

It first appeared on The Wall, Samsung’s futuristic modular TV. Now you can enjoy it at home with this 55-inch 4K TV.

You can enjoy the accurate color reproduction that appears lifelike, though you may be concerned with the TV’s poor brightness control, which makes the overall image appear darker on the screen.


  • Perfect color reproduction and HDR


  • Poor brightness control


  1. TCL 55R617 – 55″ 4K TV

If for whatever reason you want to stick with a LED TV, this 4K TV can be a viable choice. Its support to Dolby Vision and HDR Pro Gamma dramatically improves its image quality with excellent brightness, contrast, and color reproduction.

As an LED TV, it does quite well in displaying blacks on the screen with its smart dimming feature, though—classic to all LED TVs—it continues to suffer from a rather poor viewing angle and image uniformity.


  • Great refresh rate
  • Top-notch brightness control
  • Smart dimming to achieve excellent blacks


  • Poor viewing angle and image uniformity


  1. LG UM7300PUA – 43″ 4K TV

Although LG UM7300PUA is the budget-friendliest choice in this list, it is good enough to be your best gaming TV with its HDR support. Contrast and brightness controls are rather mediocre, though, so to reap its full potential, you should use it in a well-lit room.


  • Excellent refresh rate
  • Surprisingly wide viewing angle


  • Poor brightness and contrast controls



Every model listed in this article can be your best gaming TV 2022 as long as you know how to exploit its best features. For instance, having a LED gaming TV is still relevant today if you use it in a bright room to compensate for its poor brightness and contrast control.