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Best HP Laptop 2022

Today, owning a laptop doesn’t always mean for work since there are a lot of things you can do by using a laptop. In this article, we have a list of the best HP laptop 2022 you can take a look.

HP has released new devices that support various work environments. If you are a gamer, pick the one that supports your gaming endeavor.

Read this article and find out what HP laptop that suits your working setting.


Best HP Laptop 2022

1).  HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 is one of those laptops on the HP premium line. The newest edition of this laptop brings several fundamental updates and new features.

On the other hand, all lovable features we already know about this laptop is brought back. Being a brand as a powerful laptop, the Spectre x360 comes back stronger with a bunch of useful features more than ever.

Coming with the Intel Core i06-1065G7, you can do anything you want together with this laptop especially since the RAM is doubled. The lower-end configurations not can support a stunning 4K touch display.

Pros of Spectre x360

You would love HP Spectre x360 as one of the best HP laptop 2022 for its hi-quality finish and stylish design. The performance is great in overall. Security matters are not an issue anymore since the built-in security feature will give extra protection for your device.

Cons of Spectre x360

However, you may feel the battery life gets faster to drain. It has a lot to do with new components in the latest edition of the Spectre x360. Other than that, it can get hot at times.


2).  HP Spectre 13

HP Spectre 13, on the other hand, was initially designed to compete with the MacBook Pro and Dell XPS 13. Even though it’s priced higher than the XPS 13 and more affordable than MacBook Pro, the Spectre 13 is quite more attractive than both.

The stylish design and a new level of aesthetics don’t compromise its performance. In case you are looking for an Ultrabook for regular workload and nearly no crashes, you need to consider this device on your list.

Pros of Spectre 13

As an Ultrabook, this device features an impossibly thin body and lightweight feature. The look isn’t something other devices can beat. Even though it looks awesome and trendy, the hardware is also powerful and top-notch. It is safe to say that one is priced reasonably.

Cons of Spectre 13

However, you may need to consider these points. You won’t be happy with the ports. The trackpad is also not the best part of this device.


3). HP Spectre Folio

The next name on the list of the best HP laptop 2022 is HP Spectre Folio. This stunningly-designed convertible device will give you a premium feel. However, the price tag is also considered the same – luxurious.

The Spectre Folio has been branded as a 2-in-1 laptop inspired by the PC. It comes with a series of reasons.

Besides innovative designs, you will be amazed by how modern vintage style meets technology. Going to work with a powerful yet stylish device is not a problem anymore.

Pros of Spectre Folio

Its stunning design should be the first thing you love about this device. Coming along with impressive build quality, this laptop is one of the best laptops HP has ever created. The screen is lovely and you get the stylus in the box as well.

Cons of Spectre Folio

Being a luxurious device also makes this device priced luxuriously as well – very expensive. The speakers are not that great and you need to use external speakers for a better sound result.

The Spectre Folio’s impressive build doesn’t come along with impressive battery life. But this device is still one of the best HP laptop 2022 in the current market.


4). HP Pavilion 15

In case you need an affordable laptop, you can check out HP Pavilion 15. It could be your partner to tackle regular workload or dealing with campus things.

This device can be touted as a decent lifestyle laptop even though at some point the price is a bit too high. Generally, you can pick this device over others. However, it comes to the current market with somehow an outdated GPU.

Pros of Pavilion 15

The Pavilion 15 comes with an attractive keyboard. Speakers are also great in case you don’t want to connect it to external speakers. Whether you need a device to help you with office work or campus life, this one should be on your list.

Cons of Pavilion 15

However, the display is not that impressive especially compared to its price tag. In another word, this device is not too valuable for money.


5).  HP Chromebook 14 G5

HP Chromebook 14 G5 is excellent to write documents and surf the internet. Its processor is strong enough to tackle office works and other internet-based activities.

Coming with an integrated GPU, you can enjoy the best experience while streaming content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other sources. Another interesting thing about this device is that it cools the CPU passively – you won’t be bothered with the fan’s sounds.

Pros of Chromebook 14 G5

The Chromebook 14 G5 comes with n IPS panel and full HD display – streaming activities will be fulfilled. Since the system cools down the machine passively, everything happens silently. The battery life is excellent and you can use USB Type-C as well. The AC wi-fi is another plus point here.

Cons of Chromebook 14 G5

The brightness cannot be dimmed. The internal storage is considered meager. Even though it comes with a warranty, it’s so limited – one year’s warranty. Still, it is safe to say that the Chromebook 14 G5 is one of the best HP laptop 2022 to help you tackle daily work stuff.


6).  HP Omen X

A dual-screen laptop is such a phenomenon. HP has taken this thing on a different level by bringing HP Omen X to the current market.

The manufacturer has designed the screen so you can enjoy the features through the screen and dedicated keys hassle-free. If you love gaming, this one should be on your list as well.

Compared to other gaming laptops, the Omen X is much slimmer even though some people still catch the chunky impression out of it. Even though it’s priced like gaming gadgets are, the plastic feel all over the body makes this device feel cheaper.

Overall, Omen X is quite interesting for a gaming laptop, not to mention its vigorous performance. However, some aspects cannot standout compared to its rivals. If you are after a dual-screen gaming laptop, this one is suitable for you.

Pros of Omen X

You would love this device for its amazing performance with 1080p 60fps feature. The design is quite decent. If you are looking for a laptop with an excellent keyboard then the Omen X is what you need.

Cons of Omen X

As has been mentioned in prior, the price is quite too high for the plastic feel all over the body. The second screen is somehow just a marketing gimmick. The trackpad position is not quite comfortable and the battery life doesn’t cover the features.


7). HP Elitebook 745 G5

HP Elitebook 745 G5, as part of the best HP laptops, is brand as a modern business laptop. However, some people consider that this device is more suitable for personal or casual use only.

Coming with a smart card reader feature, facial recognition, fingerprint sensor, and Sure Start technology, this device is a decent gadget to deal with security aspects. Portability and usability can also be touted as a versatile unit – even though the size is close to some 15-inch laptop.

We don’t recommend this laptop for gaming or rendering videos that will require a more powerful machine to support. Its dedicated graphic is not designed for gaming and professional video editing.

Pros of Elitebook 745 G5

As has been mentioned earlier, this device puts security matters on top of the list. Thus, it features a bunch of impressive security features.

Talking about usability, this device is quite strong in the field. The performance is respectably excellent even though you need to consider the cons as well.

Cons of Elitebook 745 G5

The battery life is not what you want from a laptop. You cannot work for too long without being near the cable. The display is a bit dim even though some people love this setting.

Still, this laptop will meet your personal and business needs with its series of security features.



The list above is just a few of HP’s best laptops on the market right now. There are a bunch more you can take a look.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing the best laptop is how the device accommodates your need. Once you’ve figured out what you need, you can pick a compatible device that supports your work.

If you love gaming, for instance, make sure the specs support your gaming activities in the first place. And this is the end section of the best HP laptop 2022.