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5 Best Manuka Honey Brand Reviews, Superfood for Travelers

If you are in search of the best manuka honey, this information is to assist you. This special honey is produced from Manuka flowers and it originates from New Zealand.

The honey is special because of the unique antimicrobial and healing power. It is not surprising that it is the best when it comes to medicinal values. This is good for the treatment of certain conditions such as eczema, gastritis, wounds as well as upper respiratory infection and other kinds of diseases.

If you are looking for the Manuka honey, you must be diligent, especially first-time buyers. There are fakes in the market. You can likely get a fake brand if you are not careful with the purchase. However, to eliminate the difficulties, the best brands in the market are selected for you. It is a question of making your choice.


Understanding the UMF in Manuka Honey

It is possible to identify the best Manuka honey by using the UMF which is regarded as the Unique Manuka Factor. This is a rating system as well as product trademark quality. With that, it is possible to determine the healing feature of various strands of that product.

Furthermore, it is easy to determine the uniqueness of compounds used to make the product like methylglyoxal and leptosperin ingredients, which are available in that honey. These are the most essential ingredients in this honey that stand it out from others. The honey’s great healing abilities are attributed to these features.

You can also identify Manuka honey from this. Before any brand can quality to be UMF, then it must be certified and licensed by the New Zealand government. This implies that it satisfies the standard set for its packaging and healthy consumption. The ranking system is unique and it is as follows:

  • UMF 0-4 means that it is not detectable
  • UMF 5-9 means that it is low quality
  • UMF 10-15 implies that it is of medium or intermediate quality
  • UMF 18 and above: indicates that it is of the high-quality honey

From the chart above, it is not difficult to detect whether the brand of Manuka honey you are using is the best, middle or inferior quality. If you are looking for the best, then you must opt for those within 16 UMF value and above.


Top Five Best Manuka Honey Reviews

1). Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey, KFactor 16+

best manuka honey


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This is the topmost recommendation in the world. It is better than other brands because of the quality. This product rates higher than others in terms of UMF. Besides, it has more nutritional and medicinal values.

Most importantly, it is more affordable compared to others. It is certified by the New Zealand government and it is one hundred percent sourced from the country and it can be traced to hives to home across the country.

It features everything you need from superior quality honey as it is one hundred percent raw and completely unpasteurized. Because it is completely natural, it preserves all the healing powers. It is more nutritious than others.

Its K Factor is 16 and the implication is that the honey is mono-floral. This implies that it is composed of a seventy-five percent Leptospermum scoparium plant. This honey strand certainly contains all the elements for the microbial properties of this kind of honey.

Many users of this honey have different reactions. The majority of them rated it high as it is more delicious and possesses the greatest medicinal values. You are likely to drive more benefits from this compared to other products.

Because of that, it is possible to combat some ailments using this honey. Some of the ailments it can control include digestion issues, acne as well as sores and flu.


  • It is non-GMO
  • It is raw and unpasteurized
  • The honey is traceable to hive to homes
  • It is rated KFactor 16


2). Manuka Health – MGO 400+ Manuka Honey

best manuka honey

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This is the second most popular choice in the market. It is a product of Manuka Health. The brand is popular because of the delicious taste and health-supporting ingredients inside them. Because of the popularity, the honey has gained international recognition as it was once featured in Good Morning America. When it comes to potency and quality, it has an edge over other models out there.

It is one hundred percent pure and it is a product of New Zealand. To measure efficiency and quality, MGO measure is often adopted. It contains all the proficient Manuka ingredients. There is no doubt that this comes with lots of healing powers. Because of the quality, this brand is rated MGO 400 and above. This is great, any quantity of it you take contains sufficient quantities of methylglyoxal.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best from the country as it is harvested from hives located in various locations across New Zealand. Many users rated it the best application for the skin and the face. For instance, a reviewer indicates that the honey provided the final solution to acne and other skin conditions like wounds, burns as well as cold sores and so on.


Here are some of the features of the honey

  • It is one hundred percent pure from New Zealand
  • The honey is very smooth and delicious
  • Because of the popularity it was featured in Good Morning America
  • The honey is available in 8.8 oz bottle


3). Kiva Certified UMF 20+, Raw Manuka Honey

best manuka honey


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This is the third choice and it is selected because it is UMF certified which means that it is safe to consume. Moreover, it is listed because of the wonderful healing features. The model has over 20 UMF rating and can provide solutions to some of your skin and health issues.

Furthermore, it is effective because of its methylglyoxal components which makes it more potent than several other brands out there. The honey is also one hundred percent genuine as it is harvested from hives across many remote locations in New Zealand. The product was independently tested and verified to be original honey from New Zealand.

It is selected because most of the users approved it as the most effective when it comes to the treatment of certain conditions such as acid reflux and gastric ulcers. The honey has other uses such as treatment for certain skin conditions like acne and other skin infections. For certain conditions, you can apply this honey for abrasions, scab and skin problems.


  • It is UMF 20 and above certified raw
  • The model is genuine and efficient
  • The bottle is 8.8 in size
  • Tested and verified independently
  • This is traceable to hives and homes in remotes parts of the country.


4). Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey

best manuka honey


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Often recommended is the Manuka Bio Active Honey. It does not have any UMF rating but that does not detract from its quality. The honey is one hundred percent natural and produced from New Zealand. Moreover, it is completely natural and does not contain any additive.

The rating is based on TA which is the Total Activity. This simply suggests that it can measure the peroxide activity in the honey. When it is high, it means that it is of the best quality. The TA rating stands at above 24.

If you want to get the best of this product, then you can use 8.75 oz jar of the product. Among other things that you can benefit from here include quick energy. If you are looking for a natural energy source, then you can resort to this honey. It can help you in the gym.

Furthermore, it is efficient and it can rejuvenate your body especially when you apply it to the skin. It can always fire your energy, because of the antioxidant properties and this ensures that you are full of energy. If you want to be more productive in the office, then you can always test this product.

Apart from giving you energy, it also has medicinal values. You can use this product for skin problems such as wounds, cuts, as well as fevers.


  • The honey is one hundred percent natural
  • New Zealand original honey
  • The honey is highly rated
  • Boosts energy
  • Super healing features


5). Comvita UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Raw Manuka Honey

best manuka honey


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When it comes to experience, Comvita has an edge as they have been in that business for the past four decades. One thing that makes the brand outstanding is that it was affordable and completely natural. When it comes to quality, this model is one of the best as it features a UMF rating of 15 plus. This means that it comes with healing features and other attributes.

The product is certainly certified good. This is because it was independently tested by the UMF Honey Association. The tests are to ensure that it comes with the features compounds as well as healing benefits.

The compounds it contains include DNA, MG as well as Leposperin. The fact remains that it is a great Manuka honey, and that is why it has these healing abilities. It certainly features a high UM rating. Because of the efficiency, the products can be used in the hospital for the treatment of burns and other conditions.

If reports from previous users of this product are anything to go by then you can use it to combat some conditions such as sore throats, coughs, and some other ailments. Moreover, many people like the taste of this great honey as it is used as a sweetener. A great energy source.


  • It is UMF 15 plus rating certified
  • This is a super-premium high-quality honey
  • The honey has great medicinal values
  • This is produced from natural hives
  • The honey is safe to use because it is BPA free


Manuka Honey Buying Advice

Manuka honey is widely demanded across the world, and because of it, the honey is now widely available. The products are used in health institutions as well as in online stores.

Because there are lots of Manuka honey brands in the market, before you make a choice, you have to be careful to ensure that you make a choice.

If you check properly, you can determine which one is real and which one is fake. Here are some of the features you have to consider to make a choice and here are some of the buying guides.


UMF Certifications

When you are looking for this product, the most important thing to consider is the issue of certification. To ensure that you get the best honey from New Zealand, you must ensure that it is licensed by the government of New Zealand. If it is certified by the government, then it is proof that it is a good quality product.

If the product has a UMF seal on it, it is an indication it is a real one and comes with all the necessary healing ingredients.


Look for the UMF Rating

One thing to consider is the UMF certification as stated above, another thing to consider is the rating. This can tell how potency that product is as it shows the therapeutic and healing efficiency.

The rating begins from 5 to 26 and above, and that shows how useful it is as a medicine. Higher rating the honey gets, the more efficient it is. Based on this rating, it would be relatively easier to determine the best honey for you.

When the rating is within 5 to 9 plus it means that it is less potent. This one is great for continuous and regular use.

If the rating is within 10 to 14 then it is within the middle range. It is regarded as natural ingredients and that means that it has great medicinal values.

UMF 15 to 19 plus is the strong and the best category and rating in the industry. You can use this to treat different kinds of conditions.


Other Grading Methods

There is also another method of grading Manuka honey apart from the UMF rating. You also have to consider other factors when you are making a choice. There is another rating such as the

MGO Rating

The MGO rating has to do with the quantity of the Methylglyoxal compound. Both UMF and MGO are related. When there is a high level of MGO, it equally means that there is high MGO content in it. These can provide stronger medicine. MGO of 400 and more have a wide range of benefits.

K Factor Rating

To determine the quality of Manuka pollen that is present in Manuka Honey. This is important because you can use that to determine the potency of Manuka honey you want to buy.

Here is K Factor Rating

  • K12 features 65 percent of Manuka pollen
  • K16 honey features 75 percent of Manuka plant pollen
  • KFactor 22 honey contains 90 percent Manuka Plant pollen

The point to note here is that the higher the pollen content, the more efficient the healing ability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there health benefits associated with Manuka honey?

The greatest benefit of Manuka honey is the health benefit. It has a great antibacterial property.

It also contains methylglyoxal which is the active ingredient that is behind the antimicrobial properties of the honey.

Most importantly, because of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory features, as well as anti-viral features, it can be used for the treatment of different conditions. It is not surprising that it is used for different kinds of conditions.

What is the correct quantity of Manuka honey that I can consume?

It depends on the ailment or the condition you want to treat. 1 teaspoon is recommended before any meal for those taking it to boost their immune system and enhance their sleep. It is advisable to take it in the morning. Most importantly, it should not be taken by children and pregnant women.

Where can I get the best Manuka honey?

You can find it in a reputable local store around you. Moreover, you can search for the product online and order from reputable dealers.

Is it good for diabetic patients and how long can it last?

Diabetic patients shouldn’t consume this honey. They can consult their doctor. Secondly, it can last for a long time if well processed and preserved.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for that best honey, you must opt for Manuka honey. It has lots of benefits. The brand is one hundred percent natural and can treat different kinds of ailments. If you get the best, you would like quality.