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Best Microphones 2021

Best Microphones 2022

A microphone for laptops has become a necessity in this digital era. Moreover, with the outbreak, you will often have meetings from home. Well, here are some best microphones 2022 that you can buy according to your needs.


Best Microphones 2022

1.) Blue Yeti

Do you often use your laptop in various cafes, friends’ houses, offices, or other places? This product is a must for you to have.

Having dimensions of 1.5 cm × 19 cm, this product can be easily slipped in a bag. The chord is flexible, you can easily store or bend the cord when using it.

This microphone has a wide leg foundation making it suitable for you who want a stable microphone when used.

Equipped with a flexible chord, you can adjust the position of the microphone head at will. The resulting sound quality is also very good because Blue Yeti has brought high definition technology or Hi-Fi audio.

Simply plug and play, this microphone can be directly used without having to use additional software.

Moreover, this product is also equipped with a holder so that it becomes more functional for you to use. If you don’t like the hassle of having to install additional software on a laptop, this product is a must-have.


  1. Easy to carry

Yes, this microphone is very compact and very easy to carry wherever you want to do a voice recording or do an online meeting. It is suitable in the era of Work Form Home.

  1. Plug n Play

You don’t need to install any software to be able to use this microphone. You only need to connect it to the laptop and you can already use it. Isn’t this easy?

  1. Durable

This microphone has good durability. This is because the design is compact and not easily damaged if it has to be used for a long period of time. In addition, the flexible cable is not easily broken if you have to hold it for a long time.


  1. It Drains Laptop’s Battery

An experiment conducted by a YouTuber shows that Blue Yeti consumes laptop batteries faster than other microphones. This is certainly an obstacle if you have to use a microphone outside the room where there are no plugs.

  1. Noise Reduction Is Not Good

Yes, although the sound quality of the Blue Yeti is fairly good, the noise reduction is actually not good. This makes the noise around you come recorded.

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2.) Blue Snowball Ice

Our next recommended product can be the right solution for those of you who are bored with the usual microphone type and type.

This product has a new design and technology that carries a microphone. You can use both cable and Bluetooth in this 21.5 cm × 7.3 cm × 7.3 cm product.

Not only that, but this microphone is also compatible with all devices. You can easily connect this product with laptops, PCs, tablets, to smartphones.

Another advantage of this product is that there are speakers that become one with the microphone so that no additional speakers are needed.

Do you have the dream of becoming a vlogger? Well, this microphone from Blue Snowball Ice is just right for you who like making videos of this type.

When you do video recording, this microphone clip-on will record your voice to the maximum, so it sounds clear. Because this tool serves as a loudspeaker and noise reduction.


Blue Snowball Ice has the following advantages.

  1. Lightweight

Yes, its lightweight won’t bother us to take it where we want. If you have a bag with enough space, then you can put this microphone in your bag and just leave.

  1. Noise Reduction

For those of you who like to record outdoors where there is a lot of background noise, this microphone will be very useful for you. Yes, there is a noise reduction feature that makes the recorded sound clearer.


  1. It’s Wide!

Yes, the size of this microphone is wide for its lightweight. So far no one knows why the design was made so wide. So, you need a lot of space just to carry it. This too will reduce its practical value.

  1. Unstable Intension

The recording intensity obtained from this microphone is fairly unstable. So, although the recorded sound is quite clear, the volume is unstable.

This has been proven by several YouTubers who unboxed and reviewed microphones. You also need to have additional software to just make the recording sound stable.


3.) Rode Podcaster

If you like microphones that offer a number of practicalities, this product is one of the best choices.

Equipped with an on/off button, you can easily turn off or turn on this product without the need to unplug the cable from the wall outlet. In addition, the less it is pulled and plugged in, the more durable the cable will be.

This omnidirectional type of product is suitable for use when calling via Skype, playing online games, and so on. In addition, the chord of this product is also flexible. You can easily adjust the height and angle according to your convenience.


  1. Professional Standard

Yes, this microphone is very often used by radio broadcasters and podcasters as well. This is because the advantages of this microphone are good in terms of sound absorption and so on. So, this microphone is already standardized.

  1. Active Noise Reduction

Active Noise Reduction is a special feature of the Rode Podcaster that makes users hear no noise at all after the recording is played. Active noise reduction is more effective in removing noise than ordinary reduction.


  1. Heavy

Because it was made specifically for use in the studio, the Rode Podcaster is very heavy and will interfere with mobility.

  1. High Battery Usage

Active Noise Reduction in the Rode Podcaster is very battery consuming.


4.) Shure SM58

Adopting cardioid polar pickup pattern technology, this product has minimal noise when used. Moreover, the shock mount also minimizes the noise that arises when this product is used. Equipped with a spherical foam, this microphone is also increasingly hygienic.

In addition, all color variants are also beautiful, you are freer to choose the most preferred color. Are you looking for a microphone that looks interesting and can capture sound optimally? Then you shouldn’t miss this one product!


  1. Bluetooth / Hybrid cable connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity in Shure Sm58has its own plus points. With this connectivity, it is clear that you will find it very easy.

You also do not need to bother adjusting the cable position to just feel comfortable when recording. You only need to connect it via Bluetooth

However, there is also a cable connection for those of you who need it. There are times when we will run out of microphone batteries or dying laptop batteries so that the cable connection will save more power.


  1. Low Intensity

Shure SM58 has the ability to absorb sound that is smaller than other microphones. So you might have to be very close to the microphone to be heard.


5.) HyperX Quantcast

Our next recommended product has an attractive retro design. Certainly, it is suitable for those of you who want to evoke memories and reminisce with an old microphone.

In addition, the cable is designed to double braided so that it is more durable for you to use in the long run.

With this microphone from HyperX, you can karaoke freely wherever and whenever. Its clip-on type makes it easy to be clipped anywhere, such as clothes or the edge of a table.

This 3.5mm plug microphone is intentionally designed portable, so it’s easy to go anywhere. The resulting sound quality is quite good.

It is also equipped with Noice Canceling technology which functions to isolate the sound from outside.

Its compatibility with other devices also deserves thumbs up. As long as there is a 3.5mm port, this clip-on microphone can be paired.

This device should be an option because it can record sound so well. The sensitivity is so high, it exceeds the built-in microphone on your laptop or smartphone.


  1. Attractive Design

With an attractive design, then you can appear stylishly while recording or conducting online meetings outside.

  1. Removable Head

With this feature, the microphone can be mounted on a flexible stand or removed and clipped on your clothes.


  1. It Needs Software to operate

Yes, HyperX products are known for their exclusive drivers which will also install additional software on your laptop.

  1. High Battery Usage

With all the technology, HyperX will consume a lot of power.



With all the pros and cons above, every microphone has to be chosen wisely. Each microphone has its own character and will also provide different recordings.

Therefore, you have to determine what you are going to do. For example, if you want to frequently conduct online meetings outside your home without electricity supply, then you should choose Shure MS58 as the best choice for you.