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Best Musky Reel Under 100

A musky reel is specially designed and intended solely for catching the musky. However, not many anglers can afford a bait-casting reel that costs $300. With modern advancements in technology, a number of flagship features that are endemic to the high-end musky reels available at the moment. For this to happen though, you might have to give up on the less significant issues like the style or design, this post will give you insight about Best Musky Reel Under 100.

In general, these kinds of fish have low metabolic rates in the spring season. They may be captured conveniently by the use of small boats. Nonetheless, you can never rely on any reel randomly to fish a musky.

It is highly unlikely that the traditional reels may capture these kinds of fish as they are incapable of withstanding the sheer force that fish do exert. That also contributes to the annoying and tiresome experiences in the course of fishing.

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Here Is Our List About Best Musky Reel Under 100

#1: Kastking Royale Legend Elite Baitcasting Reel

Best Musky Reel Under 100

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This fish is a mix of elite concepts and design. Thanks to these two, it is an advanced-level casting reel that similarly promises to confer tournament-level performances.

It is on the whole low profile and compact. This sees it go for as little as $100. The entire structure of the item is ergonomic. Thanks to this excellent ergonomics, the reel boasts of superior design and a universally small frame.

Stemming from this smallness, the gadget fits or is able to fit snugly in the palms of your hands. At its side is a swing-wing cover that expedites the release that is accompanied by an ergo twist. Bringing the entire system to a halt is a dual braking system that makes use of the magnetic and centrifugal forces.

The Kastking also makes use of ten double-shielded stainless steel bearings. These work in conjunction with anti-reverse main gear that is manufactured by the use of hardened Aluminum. The makeup shields it from corrosion and the elements of rust.

Its gear ratio is the impressive 8.1:1while its ball bearings are 11+1. Rounding up its benefits are the baitcasting reels that are lighter in weight by virtue of weighing a paltry 7.2 ounces.

Moreover, this reel comes with both the left and the right-hand variants. All factors considered, the gadget delivers the awesome 17.6 drag power, ten-adjustment control backlash, and five-element magnetic backlash. As such, the reel is very dependable.

Beyond these, the gadget also comprises a main shaft that is wholly made of stainless steel. These are adorned with the non-slip EVA grips. Thanks to this mix of traits, the reel delivers to you both worlds at a price that is affordable.


  • Possesses both the centrifugal and magnetic braking mechanisms
  • Its movements are facilitated by the 11+1 bearings
  • Delivers 5 pounds of maximum drag
  • Brass gearings form its core
  • Contains a mix of power-packed features


  • Makes some noise while casting


#2: Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

Best Musky Reel Under 100

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Abu Garcia, the manufacturer of this reel, is a brand that is highly reputable. This particular reel draws its inspiration from the unique design of the equally premium Orra and Revo lineups.

In summary, this gadget does come about with a line-up of casting brakes that are adjustable externally. These give off an exceptionally high level of controls. Also stemming from this is the first-rate performance that the item delivers in times of use.

Its motions are facilitated by the 7+1 ball bearings that are manufactured using stainless steel. These bearings do deliver smooth and easy retrieval all the while. The frame is not left out either. It comes along in one-piece graphite that manages secure handling all the while of use.

The handle, on the other hand, is manufactured by the legendary EVA materials. Thanks to this makeup, it is able to provide additional grip and an elevated sense of comfort. A double-anodized Aluminum material adorns its spool.

This combines with the sturdy dura gear brass gearing that makes for smoother and easier motions. Its gearing ratio stands at a staggering 7.1:1 while the entire structure weighs a paltry 7.3 ounces.

Unlike many of the reels we have in place, this one makes use of the disk drag system. This system generally generates a powerful regardless of the condition wherein it is used.

Complementing this gearing mechanism is a MagTrax braking system that expedites smoother handling. Like many other reels, the handles of this one are made of the powerful yet comfortable EVA materials that allow for excellent gripping.

All factors considered, the item is lighter and more convenient to handle and carry around. Notwithstanding this, it is well able to withstand the harshest conditions while catching the biggest fishes.


  • Lighter in weight and compact in size
  • Delivers some smooth drag as it moves along
  • Its spool bears the double-anodized Aluminum makeup
  • The gearing mechanism is the Duragear brass
  • Has a Magtrax brake system
  • Bears a one-piece graphite frame at its core
  • Available in a premium design


  • Generates some noise when catching or retrieving the fish


#3: Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

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Lack the necessary muscle power but still want to enjoy the benefits that come along? Get your hand on this stylish and lightweight fishing gear. It does have a one-piece graphite frame that works hand in hand with a graphite side plate to deliver sturdiness and lightness.

A superb power disk system also exists as a vital part and component of the entire system. Its role is to principally provide smooth and exceptional drag performance. Also constituting makeup of the structure is the recessed reel foot.

The feature generally provides the benefit of a comfortable grip. To do this, it combines with a gearing ratio of about 6.4:1 and some five ball bearings. Other than the five ball bearings, the item also has some four stainless steel ball bearings and a chassis that is well-made. Jointly, they make casting and retrieval smoother.

To add to these, the item does have a MagTrax braking system. This one customizes the controls of the cast to make it suited for lures of varying kinds. In all, the reel is lightweight by virtue of measuring a paltry 7.9 ounces with a maximum drag capacity of 15 pounds. When all is said and done, the item is highly versatile and awesome for the armature bait casters.


  • Draws its support from the one-piece Aluminum frame
  • Stoppable by a MegaTrax braking system
  • A Power Disk drag system hauls the catch
  • Compact bent handles allow for smooth and expedited handling
  • Machined Aluminum spool casts and retrieves the catch
  • Lighter in weight
  • Delivers comfortable grip


  • Suitable only for the armatures
  • Does not last as long


#4: Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reel

Best Musky Reel Under 100

Check Lowest Price

Shimano is a renowned brand in the manufacture of the baitcasting reels. This reel can particularly stand taller to the most difficult of fish like that of the musky. Moreover, it works well in both the salty and freshwater bodies alike.

Its exceptional line capacity makes it suited for trolling and expeditions in salty waters. Some super-stopper anti-reverse solid hooksets combine with the variable braking system to deliver some exciting operations.

The two features basically make for the attainment of smooth casting. It also gets rid of the back play menace that further makes room for instant hook setting power.

One extra advantage is the fact that it is available on both the left and the right-hand side options. Channeling and facilitating the motions are the 3+1 ball bearings. It is also lighter in weight by virtue of the 10.9-ounce weight.

Its gear ratio, on the other hand, is the 5.2:1 while it, on the whole, generates 11 pounds drag. In this way, it provides smooth and greatly efficient casting not to mention higher returns on your investments.


  • Confers greater value for money
  • Eliminates the backlash
  • Its frame is made of the one-piece Aluminum
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Possesses the super stopper anti-reverse solid hooksets
  • Stopped by the variable braking (VBS)
  • Applicable in fresh and salty waters


  • The low drag of just about 11 pounds
  • Its build quality is not really reliable


#5: Kastking Rover Round Baitcasting Reel Review

Best Musky Reel Under 100

Check Lowest Price

Kastking is also a highly reputable brand in the manufacture of fishing equipment and gears. This particular product is yet another great addition to its long list of products. It stands tall principally due to the 6.4:1 gear ratio.

Beyond that, it bears an upgrade of stunning components like the hard-anodized Aluminum side plates, CNC-machined spool, precision-cut brass gears, patented idle metal gears, stainless steel worm gears, and the stainless steel shaft.

These components also guarantee some durability not to mention appropriate protection from rust, corrosion, and other possible forms of damages. The gadget generates well over 30 pounds of drag thanks mainly to the mix of cymbal washer system and the carbon fiber drag systems respectively.

Its ball-bearing mechanism, on the other hand, stands at 4+1, a fact that makes it give off near-perfect trolling.

What’s more? It is possible for you to employ the reel for other purposes like the bottom fishing. Other than that, it also performs well across the board. This sees it accord exceptional functionality and quality.

To make all these possible, the reels are durable not to mention exuding a stylish design. In all, this is a truly dependable reel that goes for no less than $100.


  • Delivers smooth casting
  • Highly versatile
  • Durable and powerful in equal measure
  • Generates the impressive 30 pounds maximum drag
  • The drag is delivered by the Carbon fiber along with a cymbal washer system
  • Its side plates bear the anodized Aluminum material makeup


  • Its build quality has been noted to be wanting


#6: Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Baitcasting Reel

Best Musky Reel Under 100

Check Lowest Price

This is an old school baitcasting reel that is excellent for all fishing environments. The reel has been loved since time immemorial by anglers and seasoned fishermen alike. Being round, it is awesome for the angler who does not wish to spend a huge amount of money but nonetheless is still intent on quality outcomes.

The design of the handle incorporates some power bent. In light of this, the reel assumes a classic appearance that similarly delivers on a throwback feel. Its frame is however made of Zinc, a material that gives it the strength it requires to stand tall.

Its side plates, on the other hand, bear the Aluminum structural makeup. As such, it gives the reel the durability it needs to take you further for longer. With a low gear ratio of just about 5.3:1 together with a powerful synchronized level wind mechanism, the gadget truly performs well.

To add to all these, the gadget relies on some two stainless steel ball bearings alongside a four-pin centrifugal braking mechanism. These two combine to allow you to cast the lighter and the heavier lures with absolute ease and precision.

Owing to the ability to multi-task, they similarly make it possible for you to tackle even the biggest kinds of fish. All factors considered, the reel is indeed a great addition and product from Abu Gracia.


  • Possesses a synchronized level-wind system
  • Comes to a halt via a four-pin centrifugal braking system
  • The drag system is the multi-disc
  • A power bent handle expedites operations
  • Comes about in a classic design


  • Requires regular greasing


#7: Zebco Big Cat Xt Baitcast Reel

Best Musky Reel Under 100

Check Lowest Price

Wishing to catch the musky or the catfish? The Zebco brand is the one to place your bet on. This one is largely famed for producing gears that suit beginners. Be that as it may, the reels also favor those who have some experiences and expertise.

This particular reel is massive and an upgraded version of its predecessors. As such, it is a perfect tool to use to catch the big fish species like the stripper or the musky. To manage this, it employs the 4.2:1 low gear ratio extensively. Thanks to this lowness, the system expedites the fishing at roughly 29 inches per crank.

Over and above those, this reel generates and gives off a pleasant casting experience. Its maximum drag stands at a staggering 17 pounds that see it provide a powerful casting impact. The reel is almost exclusively made of Graphite.

In all, it weighs 19.4 ounces besides working with the 2+1 bearing and the continuous anti-reverse system. It does have the ability to cast at a longer distance thanks to the 200/20 yards per test. Overall, the reel generates one of the loudest clicks of all the fishing reels under our review.


  • Its anti-reverse system is continuous
  • Generates the impressive 17-pound maximum drag
  • Manages the long-casting drags
  • Retrieves the catches faster
  • Is the loud bait clicker


  • Weaker graphite construction
  • Only for the right-handed


#8: Okuma Convector Reels

Best Musky Reel Under 100

Check Lowest Price

These are yet another outstanding reel from the reputable Okuma brand. It costs far less than $100 and is suited for occasional fishing.

At its core are some two stainless steel ball bearings that attach to the multi-disc drag system to deliver exceptional performances for musky fishing. Its drag system, however, bears the Carbonite construction. In all, the reel is easy to cast while the drag is valuable.

Being powerful and flexible, the reel is able to deliver the required ends for an extended duration of time. Its build quality is exceptionally robust and properly made. Dual anti-reverse functionality is yet another benefit that the gadget potentially brings along. The line counter is pretty accurate while the star drag system clicks when adjusted.


  • Extremely powerful ball bearings
  • Contains a strong gearing system
  • Manages a dual reverse formula
  • Its system multitasks for expedited operations
  • Great for medium-sized muskies


  • Its drag is harder to manage



These musky reels cost less than $100 yet give off all the necessary features that are needful for such a fishing task. Moreover, they exhibit distinct engineering and mechanical concepts. They further provide maximum drag power that is necessary to catch a musky with ease.

Catching a musky is generally greatly rewarding and satisfactory for any fisherman. After careful consideration, we have delineated and reviewed the ten best musky reels that cost less than $100 and which are available on the market at the moment. The choice is now yours. Go for it!