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Best VPS hosting 2022

Best VPS Hosting 2022

On the server, there is a data storage of all websites, best VPS hosting 2022 or virtual private server is one type of common-use server. For a website that has many restrictions in many ways and cannot use shared hosting.

You may think about what is a VPS provider. When there are a lot of visitors owned by a user when using shared hosting, there can be downtime on the website. Definitely, it can be very annoying, especially when there is higher traffic on a website.

The right solution is to use a VPS because resources in the form of CPU and RAM has dedicated by each user. If you want to use a VPS, there is some best VPS hosting 2022 review.

You can use this information as a consideration that very useful to get the best service of best VPS hosting. The website’s performance that you manage can be supported by a great VPS service. This service is the secure solution that more stable.


Best VPS Hosting 2022

1.) InMotion, the Open Source Infrastructure Technologies

For a company, this is the first best VPS. Secure and fast website access is provided by this VPS provider. If a consumer wants to transfer the server from another server, without experiencing any downtime, it can be done at all.

InMotion offers the uptime of at least 99.9% and even can reach 100%.  You don’t need to do extra costs payment because a free website is offered by this best VPS hosting. Many customers are attracted because of the services of this VPS and they decide to move with this.

The clients of this VPS provider today are more than 300,000 domains. This VPS has data centers located in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. Responsive technical support is also is given for customers by them.

There is also a valid guarantee for up to 90 days. This is the only guarantee that is offered in a long period of time by the best VPS hosting. Not only about the warranty side, but consumers that use this service are also able to connect with E-commerce support.

For consumer websites, a free SSL certificate is also provided. This certificate feature is not provided by many providers and usually, there will be a charge per year around $30-60. A one-click installer can be enjoyed now by consumers.

This installer service can help consumers to use unlimited sites and unlimited databases.  This is means that you can use a CMS system to build websites that require a database. The possibilities with a VPS are endless.


2.)Bluehost, the Trusthworthy and Secure Hosting

This is the next part of the best VPS hosting which has a lot of clients from more than 2 million websites in this world. They come from industrial scales of all kinds which are large companies or even individuals who don’t have any intention to rent a dedicated server.

Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton are the builders of this one of the VPS provider lists, and a 30-day warranty is now offered. With only one click, you can do the installation process. At least there are three packages that can be chosen by the customer. They are ultimate, standard, and enhanced.

The different features and different prices are offered by each package of this best VPS hosting. The standard is the most affordable package at the price in the first month at $19.99 and the price in the following month at $29.99.

The feature of this Standard package is 2 GB of RAM, 2 cores of CPU, unlimited bandwidth, 30 GB of SSD storage, dedicated IP, and free domain. And the price for the enhance package is $29.99 (the first month), and the following month is $59.99.

The features offered are 4 GB of RAM, 2 cores of CPU, unlimited bandwidth, 2 dedicated IP, 60 GB of SSD storage, and 1 free domain. While the ultimate is the highest packages offered by Bluehost.

A $59.99 is the price in the first month of this package and in the following months can be around $119.99. It provides many features at highest level that are very good and give you many benefits.

They are RAM (8 GB), quad-core of CPU, bandwidth (no limitation), SSD storage (120 GB), 2 dedicated IP, and 1 free domain. So, the more features are provided by the more expensive packages than can be pay in this best VPS hosting.


3.) Dreamhost, the Premium Solution Based on SSDs

The old hosting provider which has experienced up to 20 years in handling the hosting is DreamHost. The fully managed VPS is the category that is included in the services offered by them. Now, at least, in more than 100 countries, 1.5 million websites use this best VPS hosting.

The minimum uptime offered by them is around 99.94% and its page has speeds of 648 ms. The uptime up to 100% is offered by this best VPS hosting. Among many website owners, VPS services is outstanding since thay offer affordable price for its services.

To not be allowed to get storage of 1 GB data, consumers can pay only $10 each. For people who are a beginner in business, this DreamHost service is very recommended to attract customers through a website or via virtual.

WordPress is the management system for the host in this service. Consumers can manage their website easily by using WordPress after previously subscribing to DreamHost. The famous website builder is also offered by this best VPS hosting such as Weebly and Wix.

Within 97 days, a refund guarantee is also provided if there is a consumer who does not feel satisfied with the service of DreamHost. Some of the features provided by DreamHost are free domain (applies for first year), unlimited band, free SSL certificate, and unlimited storage.

If there is a consumer who wants to makea  transfer, it is not free and must pay with extra money. To transfer each website that you want, you must prepare $99 and transfer using the service of DreamHost.


4.) Liquid Web, Simplify Your Networking

The consumers at a professional level are the target of this one of the best VPS hosting. The fact is that shared hosting or any basic services will not be found. For computers running Linux or Windows operating systems, Liquid Web service can be used.

Per month, the price that must be pay is around $15, this is an affordable price. But, you need to pay in various prices per month starting from $49 to $151 if you are attracted to use a windows server.

The use of features like the larger RAM size is the reason for the increase in the price of a package. A lot of features are offered by this provider such as dedicated IP, integrated firewall, DDos attack protection, Cloudflare CDN, and root access.

This one of the list of best VPS hosting is dedicated to meet the hosting needs of professional. So, the guarantee of a 100% uptime is offered. At least, the users of Liquid Web are more than 1.5 million webs. The websites’ owners are come from many countries across world.

The data centers are available in 10 choices. If you use this service, there are a lot of advantages you can get such as automatic daily backups, intelligent image optimization, highly configurable cloud, and high speed up technologies.

The website builders that can be used are such as Nginx, PHP 7, and so on. If there is any technical problem found on the website, the support is available in 24 hours, you can ask them and tell them about the failure.


5.) HostGatorl, an Affordably Webhosting Plans

HostGator is one of the best VPS hostings and famous providers in 2020. The abundant features and affordable packages are offered. In 2002, it was founded and now can expand around the world. If you like to watch YouTube, you might often watch this provider’s advertisements.

You can get many superior features such as uptime 99.99% guarantee for reliable hosting. If you find the downtime is more than 99.99%, definitely, the one month credit will be returned to your account. There is also a 45 days guarantee.

You can get it if the technical service is does not makes you feel satisfied. Always read the condition and terms of this guarantee carefully if you want to get this service in this best VPS hosting. Moreover, the service transfer is free if you want to make it.

To transfer websites and VPS services, it won’t need extra money.  You can get the most affordable packages by paying per month at $19.95. This package’s features are 1.5 TB data (every month), 2 GB RAM, 120 GB disk space.

Snappy 400 is the mid-range package offered by this VPS provider. If you want to use it, the payment per month of $119.95 must be done. The features are 165 disk space, 2 TB data, 4 GB RAM.

The highest plan is Snappy 8000 which can be got by paying at $149.95 for every month in this VPS provider services. There are some features such as 240 GB disk, 3 TB for transferring data, and 8 GB RAM. Another benefit of using HostGrator is the technical support that very responsive.

If you subscribe to this provider, you will get another advantage which is compatible with many 1000+ free website templates, development tools, and powerful script installers. Isn’t it very interesting and profitable? you will get a lot of things.



Be as wise as possibly to consider about your budget and necessity when choosing a package. Always consider many aspects such as the appropriate feature and its use of the best VPS hosting 2022 that you want to choose.