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best wordpress hosting 2022

Best WordPress Hosting 2022

In today’s environment of the digital world, a lot of things can come out of a piece of writing. Powerful writing can create a lot of effects out there when properly posted and managed.

One of the best ways to always be productive in terms of writing content is by using the best platform in the business.

When it comes to content creation in the form of writing for blogs and websites, WordPress is undeniable the best to use. It can get even better with the help of the best website hosting.

Using the services of any WordPress hosting is the best way to make the most out of any content created by using WordPress.

It includes several things like securing the website or blog, ensuring that the website or blog runs correctly, and even optimizing the experience of any user and visitor to either the blog or website.

Doing all of those things while also writing on WordPress is very tiring and time-consuming. So, just leave those things to the best in the business.

Nowadays there are so many hosting service providers out there that follow the increasing demands of that particular kind of service.

Unfortunately, not many of them specialize in handling WordPress. So, it is crucial to find the best choices of the best wordpress hosting in 2022 out there with the idea to optimize the use of WordPress further.

Picking the wrong provider will probably just lead to more problems to handle.

There are several things to pay attention to in terms of a website hosting service provider to be considered as one of the best.

Amidst those things are the features that are offered, the quality of the customer service, and the results that it can offer.

For that matter, these are the most recommended WordPress hosting service providers to consider signing for their services. They will greatly help to enhance any WordPress-based blog or website to the next level.

Best WordPress Hosting 2022


The name HostGator is a famous name within the scope of the best website hosting of today. There have been so many customers who are using services from all around the globe. This hosting service provider is based in Houston, Texas of the United States.

So far as of today, HostGator has about 8-million domains that are hosted and managed. That number is the result of its massive growth of this hosting service provider for the last couple of years. The high level of service quality is amidst the things that people love about HostGator.

HostGator has been around since 2002 to offer its best hosting services. It is widely popular among small businesses and individuals at a lower price than its competitors. More importantly, it is capable of handling the needs of newcomers and advanced users properly.

It means that there could either be the service of shared servers or virtual private servers to meet different needs and preferences of the best website hosting. The wide array of features offered by HostGator makes it very friendly for many customers.

Through its services, HostGator is more than capable of managing either personal blogs or company websites. It will ensure that the blogs or websites are running smoothly and always up to date.

That way, any business that is associated with the blogs or websites will be able to promote itself easily.

With the need of providing information about a business for potential customers over a blog or a website, HostGator is a great choice to consider. Several things can be considered as the pros and cons of HostGator to help in signing up for it or not.


  • A 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Good customer service
  • Excellent shared hosting services and offers
  • Free assistance for website transfer
  • A wide array of hosting packages to choose from
  • Useful software for the site-building purpose
  • Awesome uptime


  • Linux-based VPS Hosting
  • Longer contracts are for pricing deal only
  • A long wait for support whenever needed



Another decent choice of the best website hosting is Bluehost that is a part of the Endurance International Group. The EIG owns various hosting service providers that include HostGator and iPage as well. On its own, Bluehost has a good reputation among its many users.

A thing that is associated with Bluehost is the idea of it being a financial muscle. That is because it is a part of the huge scope of EIG. With a lot of money it is only reasonable for Bluehost to deliver the best possible offers and services for its customers.

The fact that even WordPress recommends Bluehost on its official website is among the reasons to consider using its services. There is the 1-click installation feature of Bluehost on the website of WordPress as well to make it easier to use.

In terms of customer service, it offers one of the best in the industries. It has about 750 people behind the customer service support to make that great customer service for its users. It has been very successful to maintain its great performance as the official WordPress hosting.

It offers a lot of great tools, decent offers, alongside awesome bonuses and resources to always optimize WordPress. Yet some pros and cons are always there to help WordPress users decide to choose it over other hosting service providers or to leave it.


  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 fast response customer service support
  • Official WordPress hosting service
  • Affordable price for newcomers
  • Friendly user interface
  • Best uptime in nearly 100%
  • Amidst the top 5 best load time
  • Great security offers
  • Tons of features to enjoy


  • No Windows hosting or ASP.net
  • Higher cost for renewal
  • Pricey site migrations
  • A limited number of unlimited hosting service
  • Lack of focuses on hosting


3.WP Engine

This one is another one of the recommended and best website hosting to choose from today. It offers high-performance optimization to ensure that WordPress sites are at the highest possible level of performance.

Within a lot of its users, it is known as a rather premium hosting service with a decent set of services to offer. WordPress websites that are hosted there will always run very stable. Despite its low-cost services, it is capable of providing better services than other low-cost hosting providers.

Moreover, WP Engine is very popular today with more than 120,000 users using its services from around the world. It has managed to help a lot of companies to reach their highest level by optimizing the company websites.

It only costs a few dollars per month to enjoy the premium services of this WordPress hosting. It guarantees that the websites or blogs managed by it will run smoothly and safely. Check out some of the pros and cons of the WordPress hosting service offered by WP Engine as follows.


  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 decent customer service with WordPress experts support
  • No long-term commitment needed
  • Separated areas for staging themes and testing plugins
  • Enterprise-grade WordPress security
  • Free EverCache caching
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Free backups for the sites
  • Genesis Framework free access
  • Built-in development system


  • WordPress platform compatible only
  • No email hosting service at all
  • Premium service does not cover all range of domains



One last recommended choice of the best website hosting is the one known as Cloudways. It is based in Malta that has been working well with the top five cloud providers in the world. Amidst the things that boost its popularity is the simplified approach to boost the user interface of WordPress sites.

It supports not only WordPress but also Joomla, PHP, Magento, and Drupal. That also makes it very popular among many users. Another popular matter about Cloudways is the fast speed of solving issues on the hosted websites within its services.

Another beneficial aspect of using the service of Cloudways is its flexible pricing. It means that even small companies or businesses will still be able to get the most out of their services. More importantly, the so-called pay-as-you-go payment method is very helpful for a lot of its users.


  • Completely free trial period
  • Live chat and customer service support for 24/7
  • Easy and quick 1-click installation
  • No limits of websites to host
  • No cost for site migration
  • Free updates
  • Easy content management system
  • The unique payment method of pay-as-you-go


  • Free trial for 14 days only on Digital Ocean
  • No domain and email account registration
  • NocPanel
  • A lot of thorough knowledge to understand beforehand



It is very important to check on many factors in terms of WordPress hosting service providers before using one. Checking on the pros and cons of the available options will greatly help to find the best one accordingly.

The pricing of the services offered by hosting is among the things to consider beforehand. Smaller businesses will always need to go for the hosting that offers low cost while at the same time offering great services and supports. So, be sure to check on those recommended choices of the best wordpress hosting in 2022 to meet the requirements for one.