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Best Car Seat 2022

The American Academy of Periodontics recommends that parents and caregivers place their toddlers seated in the seats that face to the rear until they have celebrated their second birthdays. Alternatively, they may abandon this feat until such a time that they are tall and weighty enough in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This may often stretch beyond the second birthday. The reason underlying this requirement is that children tend to be safer when facing backward than forwards.

If yours is a small car, you have to exercise extra caution while shopping for the right seat. Of particular concern should be the dimensions of the seat and the ease with which the seat is usable. These two see to it that you cut down the amount of time and hassles you will have to confront when entering or exiting the car.

Read my explanations here below to see why I opted for these seats in order also to gain some insight on picking the Best Car Seat 2022 for your use:

Best Car Seat 2022

#1. Diono Radian 3RXT Convertible Car Seat

Best Car Seat 2021

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This is the brand that pioneered the original ‘three across’ campaign. This seat is wholly designed to occupy the least possible amount of space in the car.

In this way, it allows three seats to slot in comfortably at the back. You will find it handy for a vast array of cars not to mention the rear and the front-facing applications.

Further to that, the seat is also suitable for children who weigh in excess of 5 pounds. It serves the rear-facing application until such a time that your child now weighs 45 pounds.

In the capacity of the forward-facing arrangement, it handles weights that reach 65 pounds.  After it is through with this role, it converts to a booster that handles children who weight no more than 120 pounds.

What’s more? This unit is also cleared for air travels not to mention being available in numerous colors. All its critical parts like the harness and the seat adjust to accommodate the unique dimensions and stature of your child. While not in use, the seat folds flat to allow for seamless transportation and storage.


  • It lasts a fairly long duration of time. As a matter of fact, it is also usable as early as at birth when the baby is barely newborn. Then, it stretches forth through to the seventh birthday of the baby when they enroll in school for the first time.
  • This unit serves day-to-day applications reliably. Moreover, it also bears the FAA approval and is hence useful in airplanes as well. On account of this, you will not have to purchase additional car seats when traveling far.
  • It is also narrow and subsequently fits smoothly in the seats of planes, particularly the small aisles. On the flip side, this unit is slightly weightier. For this reason, you will have to employ a cart to be able to handle it as you move along.
  • To be able to shore up its security and stability, the seat relies heavily on the heavy-duty steel alloy frame. While at this, it does not in any way compromise your own comfort. Other than that, the seat also incorporates heavy padding to add extra comfort and luxury. A newborn insert exists as an extra. It exists to accord added comfort to your little child.
  • An expanded polystyrene energy-absorbing foam also exists to absorb any impacts. By disrupting the force and vibrations, the foam offers added protection to the child in the event of an accident. It is particularly handy in moments of side impacts.


  • The seat alloy frame does impose a significant amount of weight to the car. Thus, you will have to factor this extra weight more so if you intend to move around frequently or for long-distant travel.
  • Also, this seat is unevenly heavy. As such, it is unable to stand freely when not installed for use. You hence have to support it against a surface when transporting it to slow down the exposure to dirt.
  • Though narrow and perfectly suited for cramped-up spaces, it lacks the armrests. This means it is not as comfortable as should ideally be the case. As such, it is unsuitable for long trips that may require occasional naps. The same case applies to a situation in which you have many children in the rear seat. By not separating the children, some bickering and pestering are bound to arise.

#2. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat

Best Car Seat 2021

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This car seat accords to you the benefit of being useful for the rear and the front-facing applications. It is particularly perfect for children who weigh no less than 14 pounds. As soon as the children attain a weight of 40 pounds, they may thereafter face the front.

As for the elderly children, they employ the front-facing arrangement until they attain 85 pounds of weight. The seat employs a FlexTech system to accord added protections from side impacts while a harness that adjusts easily contributes to some good fitting.

In all, the seat meets and attains all the prevailing safety standards that govern such car accessories. Over and above this, it does come about with a one-year warranty. Further to this, it also comes available in many color options for you to choose from.

Moreover, its cover is also removable and washable as needed. To further expedite your washing, this seat also fits smoothly in a dryer, a fact that makes the cleanup exercises much more effective, faster and easier.


  • A latch exists to make the installations faster and easier. Some tether clips provide easy-to-use buckle mechanisms that operate more or less like the seat belt of a car. In case your car comprises a couple of latch points, you will enjoy faster installations.
  • When rear-facing, some correct incline positions will greatly expedite the installation process. This also allows for easy entry and exit when needed. Arising from this is the benefit of added comfort on the part of your child.
  • It provides three preset incline positions that alter to suit the unique needs and spaces of your child.
  • Its headrest and harness both adjust for the sake of bringing about added fit when called upon to do so. The additional padding gives off extra comfort and cozy rides. The cushioning in the headrest expedites your naps and relaxation.
  • All the materials that are employed in the makeup of this seat are comfortable and impervious to dampness and sweat. Moreover, they are also easily washable by machines not to mention the fabric being easy to care for.
  • The built-in harness trap holders expedite the fastening of the child. Either side of the seat contains at least one of them. All you have to do is to open the harness and latch it on the holder
  • After placing your baby in your car seat, you will proceed to situate them well. Thereafter, you will strap them firmly in place. By use of the harness holders, you will not have to search for the harness that is trapped under the body of your child. Thus, you will enjoy faster buckling and definitely, more comfortable rides for your child.


  • Suitable only for those babies who weigh no less than 14 pounds. It is subsequently unsuitable for the first few weeks of a child’s days on earth. Thus, you will require a totally different seat to care for the period from birth through to early childhood.
  • On the further end of the spectrum, the seat is not recommended for a taller child. This especially holds true when deployed in the rear-facing position even when it is fully reclined. Consider settling for a different model if your child is taller, thus.

#3. Cosco Mighty Fit 65 DX Convertible Car Seat

Best Car Seat 2021

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This seat embodies topnotch performances and limited space requirements in one breath. To add to this, it also costs less to come by, all factors considered.

Its exterior exhibits some simple and aesthetic appearances. A cushion does exist in between the seat and the headrest. It plays the role of maintaining your child in the utmost comfort throughout the journey. Further to that, the headrest adjusts not to mention accepting an induced cup holder as an extra.

In all, the seat works well in the rear-facing and the front-facing statures simultaneously. Children who weigh in excess of 5 pounds will find it quite suitable for their use. In the rear-facing capacity, it handles a maximum weight of 40 pounds while in the front-facing, it handles 65 pounds.


  • Comprises a five-point harness that adjusts easily from the front to the rear of the unit. These adjustments run through some five harness heights while giving room for three buckle locations. All these combine to make your little ones truly comfortable regardless of their ages and sizes.
  • An adjustable headrest also comes along. Being adjustable, the headrest supports the neck and head of your little one throughout the entire trip. Its movable nature also vouches for your child’s comfort as it grows.
  • On the whole, the unit is pretty light in weight by the virtue of weighing a paltry 14 pounds. In case you have been looking for a seat that is simpler to move in between the cars, look to no other than this one. This stems also from its approval for use on planes.
  • As a bonus, the seat features a side-impact protection parameter that runs from the headrest to the upper body. With this protective feature, your child may rest easy in times of accidents. It enables this principally by according some added support to maintain the head of your child in a center position.
  • Lastly, it is soft and truly comfortable. Its outer cover is also removable and washable. Drying it after a washing escapade is simplified by way of being dryer-friendly.


  • It does not allow for the alteration of the angle inclines. This makes the task of fastening the child rather difficult to undertake when in the rear-facing position. The limited recline adjustments also compromise the comfort of your child.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Car Seat In 2022


The width of the car determines is largely determined by the space available in your car and the number of seats you want to use. Generally speaking, it is important to pick a seat that is narrowest. This is the only way to be sure of nice fitting and leave behind extra space too.

Installation Requirements

Before making use of them, you will definitely have to install them. You have to select a seat that is easier to install to prevent you from having to invest excess effort. Be sure to have the installation mechanisms inspected beforehand too! This is for the sake of some added peace of mind.

Front-to-back Space

As a last consideration, you also have to care for the front-to-back space. Of particular concern should be the safety and room for the front passenger. To be on the safe side, consider prioritizing the middle seat as it takes up comparatively limited space.

The position that the handle has to be in when installed determines to a large extent the amount of the front-to-back space. Some seats require a carrying handle when in the ‘travel’ position. This requirement definitely requires an extra inch of space to accommodate.

While at this, do bear in mind that the angles of the seats differ from car to car. It is impossible hence to behold the depth of the car seat to determine how much front seat it is likely to take up.



In case you suspect that fitting a seat in your car may be a daunting task, try the many options available ahead of time. Attempt to install the seat exactly how you would like it to be. Consider also having your driver adjust their seats as they may desire it to be.


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