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The Concept of Boutique Hotels

Have you ever heard about boutique hotels? Well, for several people they rarely know about what is the concept of boutique hotels. But for those of you who love to travel, then it is not a new term anymore.

Nowadays, many travelers want to find something new and unique places to stay in while they are traveling, whether it is a hostel or a hotel. So, what is a boutique hotel in general? Alright, if you want to know more about the concept of this hotel, then here are several concepts of boutique hotels.

The Size of Hotel

The size of a boutique hotel tends to small which for approximately 10 up to 100 rooms. These rooms tend to intimate in the scale, making the atmosphere of being the personal guest like in their private home, and not only a hotel inhabitant. Even the rooms in this hotel often have the communal, or usually called as “living spaces”. And these rooms have the function as a place where all the guests can communicate and interact.

The Design of Hotel

For the design of a boutique hotel, it commonly has the interior design and the architecture which is so unique as for its operations, but of course, it is always upscale and also often combines between the chic elegance and the historic details.

The lines in a boutique hotel could be quant or contemporary and homey but could be sleek too, or perhaps it could be the artistic amalgamation. A boutique hotel always delivers the forward style and use the fastidious d├ęcor. And for the guestrooms, it is personally decorated, and also use exclusive amenities and upscale linens.

The Character of Hotel

The character of a boutique hotel commonly has an eccentric personality. This hotel is offbeat, trendy and funky. Even the sense of a boutique hotel could be exhibited from the offerings of creative guests.

If you want to know an example of this kind of hotel, then you can see the Hotel Monaco which located in Washington, D.C. This hotel conveys a goldfish into your room, so if you love your pet then it is a perfect hotel for you.

Well, these are the style and concept of a boutique hotel. Therefore, if you are into this type of hotel then you can find some recommendations about the boutique hotels from the internet. Besides that, you can also ask some suggestions related to the boutique hotels to the other travelers. Have a nice trip!