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How to Watch Star Trek Discovery on Netflix in the US?

Netflix and CBS both recently released a new series called Star Trek: Discovery. Season 1 consists of only 8 episodes, but it’s addicting and you’ll want to watch the whole thing as quickly as possible.

It’s not available in the US though because CBS is still trying to figure out international distribution contracts. Luckily there are some ways around this problem for Netflix subscribers that have access to VPN services.

All you need is an account with a VPN that has servers located outside of the US we reviewed best VPN in 2022 in this site (choose one of these). Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t allow you to use their own DNS servers so you’ll need a VPN that can work with its proxy servers.

I tested out ExpressVPN, which is based in the British Virgin Islands and works great for both Netflix and Hulu. Netflix’s new “My List” feature allows you to watch what you want from a small cloud-based library, but it’s much easier to sift through the huge library from a VPN server that has been sitting behind those proxy servers all along.

The basic method is to sign up for a VPN account, get the username and password, then download and install the VPN client. Then you can just cancel your membership if you don’t want to keep it any longer. Since Netflix doesn’t allow you to use their servers anymore, here’s what I did:


Using ExpressVPN

Download and install ExpressVPN Open Netflix and log in to your account (if you don’t remember your password, you can recover it) Go to the “My List” page and select any movies or TV shows you want Get an email from ExpressVPN stating that the movie or TV show is available in your library (and you’re ready to watch)

Why not just use a Hulu Plus profile? Because Hulu doesn’t allow premium accounts to access the non-US version of Hulu.com.

I tested this out a couple weeks ago and it worked flawlessly. It’s a great way to watch a single season of something that is not available in your country yet. You don’t have to worry about any legal issues, since the service is just streaming Netflix from their servers in the British Virgin Islands.

It’s not like you can’t access it at some point, but some items are not available in each country. For example, the US has more new movies than Canada does, so you can legally stream US Netflix content through a VPN server.

Another reason why some shows are not available in the US is that Netflix may have exclusive rights to new shows for streaming, but they may have to wait until the show is over to renew their contract with the owner of that show.

I think the main reason is because of the cost. If they don’t get paid right away, they’d rather not start streaming it (and probably not at all) once the season is over.

If you’re still on the fence about subscribing to a VPN, I highly recommend it. Companies like ExpressVPN are extremely generous with their free trial periods, so you can test out their servers to see which one would work best for you.

The paid subscription only costs $12.95 US a month, which is not much more than Netflix’s standard rate of $9.99 (for new subscribers).

Of course, you can use the VPN to unlock all sorts of streaming content that is blocked in your country. You can access geo-blocked websites like Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Radio and more.


ExpressVPN Features

ExpressVPN is a popular VPN service. The company has been providing its personalized services from inside and outside the United States since 2010.

It’s fast, highly secure, and its anonymous tool allows you to choose a server in any country that you want to use for your connection.

In addition to this, ExpressVPN has been providing its users with a number of user-friendly and unique features. Below we will see all that ExpressVPN can offer and how they help you use the service to the fullest:

– Compatibility: ExpressVPN is compatible with all the major operating system and devices including Windows, Mac and Linux. It also works on all mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

– No Logging Policy: The latest version of the company offers a no-logging policy. This means that their customer’s data are never stored in any form of database nor are they sold to any third party. This is a standard feature in all the VPN services of 2018.

– One-hour Money Back Guarantee: ExpressVPN offers a one-hour money back guarantee offer for all its customers. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the performance of the service for any reason.

– Kill Switch: ExpressVPN has also integrated kill switch into their software to prevent any data leaks once you are connected. This helps to protect your personal information from getting leaked whenever you are using the VPN service.

– Double Data Encryption: ExpressVPN offers double data encryption. This means that all your data is encrypted twice as well as 256-bit encryption for securing your connection even more.

– No activity logs: The company has a true no activity logging policy. It means that the service provider simply cannot keep a record of your internet activities and online history, including browsing history, location information, and IP address.

– IKEv2/IPsec VPN Protocol: ExpressVPN offers a choice of either L2TP or OpenVPN protocols. OpenVPN is the most secure and popular VPN protocol that is used in almost all the top VPN services.

– Torrenting: ExpressVPN allows torrenting on its network to its user. It has optimized P2P servers for this purpose. Also, it does not limit or restrict its users’ bandwidth while they are downloading any torrents via their service.

– Netflix: ExpressVPN provides unrestricted access to Netflix content. The company has access to many servers that allow you to rapidly select the one that is best suited for the type of content you want to view. You can use all your VPN data allowance while using Netflix at the same time.

– Firewall: ExpressVPN offers an exclusive firewall feature that prevents any network connections from being established that may be linked with a third party. Also, it blocks all kinds of malicious and unauthorized data from entering your computer system.

– DNS Leak Protection: Simply put, this is a best tool for checking whether your internet connection is secure. Also, it helps you to see whether the VPN server is working normally or not.

– Dedicated IP for Windows and Mac: ExpressVPN offers a dedicated IP feature to all its users. It allows you to setup a static IP address that never changes. It also comes with the ability to create a personal VPN. To have this feature, users have to pay extra each month.

– Double VPN: This VPN feature provides double encryption for your connection. Using this feature, your data is encrypted twice before it gets sent to the server.

– Multi Login: This exclusive feature allows you to access any two servers at the same time. This can be done without having to disconnect the previous one. Users only need to pay extra for this premium service each month.

– Unlimited Bandwidth: Users can use as much bandwidth as they want for their usage. The bandwidth limit is only applied when you connect to a server that is not optimized for torrenting.