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Is Time Travel Possible?

The journey of time travel has been the subject of discussion by scientists for a long time. Many scientists who put forward his theory related to the possibility of humans to travel time.

However, Is time travel possible? How to do that?  To answer it, many opinions and possibilities will be discussed here.

What you Need to Know About Time

Time travel is defined as a way to return to the past or travel to the future. Many people argue that this is impossible because we are in the current time zone which means we are in the moment and now.

But few people who argue that time travel can occur and it is possible for certain reasons. Although there is no definite proof, time travel can happen with a certain condition.

Time is the main thing in time traveling. How to travel the time and return to the past or future.

Then what is the meaning of time itself? Albert Einstein who is one of the famous physicists put forward this theory of time which he called the theory of relativity.

In his theory it states that real time is the fourth dimension. Basically, space is defined by an area that has 3 dimensions consisting of length, width and height.

In this case time is the fourth dimension. In the theory of relativity, Einstein revealed that time can slow down depending on how fast you move. The faster you move, you will find that time slows down.


Is Time Travel Possible to do?

The relationship with the theory put forward by Albert Einstein, time moves slower along with speed. To be able to do time travel at least the speed required is the speed of light where the time required is 186,200 miles per second. Whereas in this world, the speed is limited.

Some things that prove the existence of time travel can be exemplified by using the clock as quoted from spaceplace.nasa.gov.

Where the two clocks are set with the same time, then one of the clocks is put on an airplane and the other remains on earth.

Both have the same task of circling the earth together. In this experiment, scientists compared the two clocks. As a result, the clock used on fast moving aircraft is slower in time compared to the clock on the earth, which is 1 second slower.

The theory of relativity can be explained with GPS satellites. Keep in mind that space time is different even faster because of the slow gravitational force.

The force of gravity exerts an effect on the Earth in terms of speed, so time is slower.

In Einstein’s theory, the time on a GPS satellite has a higher speed of a fraction of a second compared to the time on Earth.

For you to know that GPS clocks on Earth have experienced changes made by scientists so that they are compatible with Earth’s GPS.


Time Machines

Is time travel possible? Times machines are mentioned in many films or books related to time travel. Times machines are considered to make people able to explore the time of the future or the past in a fraction of a second.

If there is a time machine, then the machine must at least have many times the speed of light to be able to do time travel.

Some scientists also believe that a time machine might exist and finding it is a big task.

According to Einstein, a time machine might have been created to return to the past or the future.

In this case, these two locations are likened to wormholes with two holes each appearing accompanied by points in different space and time.

This phenomenon is called a wormhole. According to an article published by space.com, a very strong gravitational field is needed to make a closed time curve. In addition, manipulating it must also be done in the right way.


Black Holes

In outer space a lot of mysterious objects are currently still being studied by scientists, one of which is black holes.

Many people believe that black holes are able to deliver anyone to a different dimension through their own portal, so black holes are also a theory for time travel.

In an article quoted from space.com, Stephen Hawking states that black holes can move ships quickly and they will spin around and go, the ship and its crew experience half of the time at the black hole and then travel through time he wrote in the Daily Mail in 2010 .


Grandfather Paradox

Time travel is also connected with various other things such as the grandfather paradox. The grandfather paradox is told about a situation where time travelers can go back in time and kill their grandfather and parents so that he is not born into this world and he changes his life forever.

However, the possibility of being born in another world cannot be ignored either. This situation might only occur in fiction, because in reality it is difficult to make it possible.

Scholars also recognize the impossibility of this paradox.

Back in the past is something that logically would be difficult to accept under any circumstances.

Therefore, many people doubt this paradox, if it can happen, it must require a very high speed of light to travel in a fraction of a second.


Is Time Travel Possible?

Time travel with a fraction of a second is a matter of much debate by scientists until now. Many theories that emerged from this time travel.

Not a few scientists who believe that time travel can be created, although not done now, they believe that someday tools for time travel can be created.

With the development of technology and physics that is increasingly developing provides opportunities for this to happen.

Quantum theory that is increasingly developing, may provide a more concrete explanation related to the passage of time that many people talk about more logically.

The technologies that were created later might also later be able to solve this mystery clearly.

Time travel is an interesting thing to discuss, so it is not surprising that many themes from movies, television series to various types of novel books discuss it with various theories.

Many people have their own opinions related to time travel and also have different questions such as is time travel possible? And many other questions.

Someday there will definitely be a reason whether time travel is a real thing or just a possibility.