Uluwatu – Surfing bliss and fun

Uluwatu is surely the top surfing spot in Bali. Well known for the famous cliff-hanging temple, Uluwatu offers a vast number of beaches for surfing which might be considered the best in the Island of Gods.

Located on the south-western tip of the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu hosts fabulous surfing spots and stunning beaches with some of the best waves in the world. A good way to reach them and explore the area is by renting a motorbike.

Surfboards in Bali

Surfboards in Bali

For avid and intrepid wave riders, Balangan beach is the best kept secret. Ranked 1st in CNN Go’s “Bali’s best 5 hidden beaches”, Balangan receives relatively few visitors. The amazing mixture of black and white sands, the pond-like hollow spaces with clear water and the unique green and dark brown musty stone texture makes Balangan a delightful paradise and well worth the effort required in finding it. Balangan is a fun left hander suitable for intermediate surfers.

Balangan beach, Uluwatu

Balangan beach, Uluwatu

During my time in Uluwatu I was hosted at Merta Sari bungalows. Located 5-minute walk from Balangan beach, this quiet hideaway offers affordable rustic accommodation with a modern Balinese garden. The cocks around will wake you up at dawn to get ready for surfing!

Merta Sari bungalows, Balangan

Merta Sari bungalows, Balangan

A lovely beach with a big surf break offshore is Padang-Padang. Accessed from a stepped pathway on the north side of the bridge 3 km north of Uluwatu Temple heading towards Pecatu. The white sand beach here is a little bit narrow when the tide is high but is otherwise very nice indeed. Known as the Balinese pipeline, Padang Padang is a very fast long barrelling only for expert surfers.

Padang Padang beach, Uluwatu Bali

Padang Padang beach, Uluwatu

Another highlighted surfing spot worth to visit is Bingin, that works best around mid tide. At low tide it can be very shallow and for experts only whilst at high tide the wave can break very soft and is where the children learn to surf. A short walk from Bingin, one can reach Dreamland, a charming white sand beach suitable for novice surfers.

The best place for ending a surf journey is Single Fin, a relaxed cafe perched on the cliffs for all to enjoy. Grab a Bintang or a freshly blended juice and watch the sun set over the magnificent Indian Ocean while listening to chill out music.

Sunset at Single Fin, Uluwatu, Bali

Sunset at Single Fin

This is a call for all surfing amateurs and people who love to enjoy the exotic charm and beauty of South East Asia. You shouldn’t miss Uluwatu while traveling in Bali!



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