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Best Ecommerce Platforms 2021 -

Best Ecommerce Platforms 2022

Are you familiar with the name Shopify? Well, due to the fact that it is one of the best eCommerce platforms 2022, we doubt if you have not heard it even once. Shopify itself is mostly known for Anglophones.

As a platform, not only it has plentiful useful features, around 3,500 apps are added to better development. And like other eCommerce, Shopify is open for every range of businesses, such as the smallest one to the biggest one.

For the record, of course, there are different facilities each business range level own, along with free to paid features.

2004 was the year the idea was born. By Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake who were only aiming to make an online snowboarding sports gear business, it was first named Snowdevil.

After a pretty long journey, the Snowdevil has gone through “puberty”, turning into not only a store, but an eCommerce platform.

Where did the idea come from, you asked? It went through the three’s mind when they realized they could not find any suitable eCommerce for them to potentially sell their gear.

It was Lütke who first jumped into the eCommerce programming world since he was pretty ahead in the programming and digital skill. He created the website they visioned it, and within two months, the prototype of the online Snowdevil was born.

After a moment, a couple of improvements were made to develop eCommerce. People were flabbergasted at first, but as time goes, they then make a better online store, with a larger shopping cart. Then in 2006, Shopify was born to the world.

As a young eCommerce shop, the platform met a couple of obstacles, such as can not take off until the API is released for the developers, to allow them to integrate with their software of the platform.

The three of the founders each are aware of focusing more on the easy use of the platform, than a feature, or sensible goal for their small business.

As the customers grew up and a few big successes were achieved, they can now jump on to the actual world of eCommerce with a bigger market and features. Customers can have better experiences, thus they have better experiences, vision, and mission.

As being told, ever since, Shopify grew pretty significantly. Until now, even the platform is powered by 1.2 million online stores from around the world.

It has Shopify to reach the number of over $1.58 billion by 2019. That numbers are just showing the capability of Shopify to handle every sale, every order fulfillment, the software features, and other processing that makes it become one of the best eCommerce platforms 2022.

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Why Shopify is the Best eCommerce Platforms 2022?

The Pricing System

As an eCommerce platform, Shopify gives offers around 5 intangible levels. The lowest price is Shopify Lite. Shopify Lite was made for those who have their website and only need a payment gate.

While at the highest price, there is Shopify Plus or the largest field where you can spend almost $2,000 per month for the features and services. People say it is actually worth the investment, with the thought being in Shopify Plus.

We are going to talk about the businesses range in Shopify, making it as a simple explanation, to create an insight about Shopify. Both on the beneficial or disadvantage side.

The first one, is Shopify Basic, for around $29 per month. Those who are using these features, will get up to 2 users and also 4 locations to get products which are unlimited, then a website that equipped with SSL certificate, a recovery for abandoned cart, a couple of discount codes, then a discount for shipping to the certain location along with the shipping label printing, some physical locations’ POS, and also fraud analysis for Shopify Payments at 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. You can also get 24/7 customer service support.

But, any payment provider that is not powered by Shopify, will charge around a 2% rate of the transactions.

The second option is Shopify at $79 per month. This Shopify features up to 5 users and opens for 5 locations to get all features mentioned before.

The extra features are given in professional reporting. In this option, Shopify payments cost a little lower, which is 2.6% + 30 cents for each transaction. If you are using another provider for the payment which Shopify is not powering, the charge will be at a 1% rate.

The third option is the advanced Shopify account. Far ahead from the previous accounts, this account allowed up to 15 users and opened for 8 locations to get all the facilities mentioned before. It also gives an advanced report with a third-party shipping option.

The amount of fees for Shopify payments is also even lower, only about 2.4% + 30 cents, for each transaction, with only 0.5% charge for unpowered by the Shopify payment provider.

If you are planning to get one of the plants, consider paying a year upfront or two years up front. You will get around a 10-20% discount from Shopify.


The Management of Shopify’s Content

Of course, Shopify has another intriguing benefit for the users. For example, it has a built-in CMS. You can choose even nine free themes of Shopify to make your account catchier.

And if you want something that looks better and more exclusive, consider buying some of the more than 60 premium themes in the Shopify Theme Store. To be noted, each theme is working both on mobile and also desktop platforms.

Shopify is also allowing you to buy a theme from third-party markets. They have thousands of themes you can look up and choose from.

It is also customizable and compatible with Shopify, so no need to worry if you are messing up your Shopify account. Besides, each theme is also made by independent designers, therefore design quality is pretty guaranteed.

You can also include your blog inside your store. We all know engagement is the best thing to achieve high sales and marketing, therefore a good blogging future where you can manage your store, your posts, your online presence will be a great feature for business.

You can use this feature to not only make the storefront look good, but also looking more professional and exclusive.


Impressive Features of Shopify

One of the so many reasons sellers are customers are using Shopify, again and again, is for its compatible and easy to use features. Along with the ease, each feature is pretty much rich also. It’s the balancing navigation that makes Shopify succeed better than the other eCommerce.

Therefore, if you are creating your small business from Shopify, you can start with a simple store, something easiest to look up to, and as time and business growth, it is time to develop your storefront. And Shopify as the eCommerce platform, outstandingly open for every possibility.


The Shipping Features

Shopify opens for shipping, for around the US and Canada only. But, if needed, you can easily purchase and print out labels from huge expeditions, such as UPS, DHL, US Postal Service to take care of the shipping costs discount.

This will very much help you in saving lots of shipping costs, time, and also energy, especially if you are shipping worldwide.


Available For Manual Ordering

If you are running for better service, spoiling your customers, you can use the manual ordering flexibility service to create orders for them.

Along with sending invoices or controlling the payment. Not a lot of accounts using it, but for those who are, this intangible is helping to impress customers and buyers even more.


There Is No Number of Product On Sale

The next great thing about Shopify is that it does not limit you from the number of products that you put on your storefront.

This is a great benefit since a lot of eCommerce companies are limiting their sellers. Therefore, you can sell as much as you want, still in your business capabilities, storage space, and other considerations.


Guidelines of SEO

SEO, we all know how to make your store pop up on the front page of Google search engines. By using Shopify, the adherence available in the eCommerce platform will help you to optimize your website.

For example, by controlling H1 and H2 headings, keywords, sitemap creations, and other supporting details to pursue the purpose.


Available for Multichannel Sales

Shopify is available for such POS and also IRL setups. In case you are taking your business to the physical world, your Shopify will be integrated right with the third party in the POS system. If you are interested, you can add even up to 20 channels, to link to your business account.


Shopify Private Email

That’s right! You can create your email for marketing, powered by Shopify.


Shopify’s Blogs

In Shopify’s blogs, which we have mentioned earlier, you will also have a visual editor that can help you in marketing your sales platform.


The Shopify Balance Planning

Though still in planning and not released yet, it is officially announced. If you are wondering, Shopify Balance is a brand new feature of Shopify, where you can connect your bank account for your business through the platform.

The benefit of this feature is you can get easier payment access, your money flows are even more transparent, you could get a debit card that is linked to your account, which will allow you to receive money right to your card.

Shopify is also guaranteeing a reward program. This reward program gives users discounts, cashback, or other advantages.


Available in Mobile App

Shopify is also available in mobile apps, as being said before. It will help manage tasks, control the order fulfillment, easier way to contact customer services and manage your inventory. All on your phone.


24/7 Customer Supports

You can use the benefit of Shopify to make sure your online stores are backed up with Shopify’s support, to cover you with 24/7 live chat,e email, and phones.

There are other facilities you might want to look up for about Shopify, which we can not break down each of them.


Shopify’s Legitimate Integrations With Apps

As a huge marketplace with more than 3,000 powered apps, Shopify is also transparent for their integrations.

First and foremost, you can easily look for CRM tickets, Social Proof, and Loyalty members. You can also contact suppliers for dropshipping easily. All in apps that are integrated with Shopify and available everywhere.

Furthermore, you can add more features to your front store and store base. So, it will always thrive in Shopify.

But, there is a disadvantage of the features, which your store will cost more per month for any of those application subscriptions. So, to create the best output between the apps using and the selling number, you might want to do calculations.


Final Statement and Insight about Shopify

As an eCommerce platform that has been living for almost fifteen years, Shopify still has a chance to develop more to be better or fixing problems that become obstacles in the software. As much as the platform grew, more service and features came, integrations made and strangers, etc.

From the company’s biography in Wikipedia, there is no record of a failing decision made by Shopify. They always achieve growth and reward, which makes customers’ experiences beyond impressive.

This is what makes Shopify is again, one of the best eCommerce platforms 2022 in the worldwide range. For the record, it is not something common in the world of digital and programming. But Shopify’s growth record is undeniable, proven by tons of satisfied businesses and customers.

If you want to build your small to medium-sized eCommerce, and still looking for any platform that suits your needs, has lots of themes that represent your store’s personality, with lots of features to push customers’ satisfaction, you might want to give Shopify a chance.

There will always be a little probability of less than what you expect, but a free trial is never something to lose. Give it a try, and if it is not something you look for, just find another one.