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Best Electric Reel For Deep Drop Fishing

Hundreds of electric reels that contain loads of advanced features do exist. Though they all boast of fancy features, they do not always operate well not to mention not really suited for matters of fishing.

You hence have to consider the features that may be vital for deep drop fishing in your attempt to find the most suitable electric reel for the job.

Here, we are going to showcase the best electric reels that may be suitable for deep drop fishing and that may also serve to make your own time enjoyable out in the sea.

Moreover, we are also going to highlight some of the factors you might want to consider as you make a purchase of the Best Electric Reel For Deep Drop Fishing. This definitely gives you an understanding of what you really need in your ideal electric reel.

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Here Is Best Electric Reel for Deep Drop Fishing

#1: Daiwa Tanacom Power Assist Reels

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This one tops the list of the many fishing reels in existence at the moment. Not only is it user-friendly, but also does it have an LCD screen that is clearly legible and visible in all lighting environments.

All these features combine to facilitate your own fishing. To power it, you will require the intervention of a 12V battery which may also attach to that of the boat or portable battery pack via a cable. It does have an oversized line that manages extra clearance for the knots, more so, the swivel knots.

A programming depth, automated stop feature, and line counter also exist as core parts and components of the reel. They negate the need for you to cut the motor off as it automatically does so upon the lure reaches the surface.

By all measures, this is one of the best reels as it incorporates a well-built Aluminum body, spool and handles that easily furnish the requisite power output.


  • Its LCD screen is operable in English
  • Manually winds curtesy of the variable speed controls
  • Switches off the power when the reel reaches the surface
  • Winds on its own in the absence of battery power
  • Comes about in a washable design


  • Its instructions are superficial
  • Lacks a protective casing


#2: Banax Kaigen 1000 Electric Reel with Warranty

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It is generally reliable for deep drop fishing chiefly due to its amazing strength, speed, and drag. These combine to make you fight just about any other fish in the sea.

Adding to these is the existence of several advanced features. Then again the structure is suitable for skilled and beginners alike as it guarantees enjoyable fishing experience.

By use of this gadget, you will not only enjoy impressive speeds but also get to attain sufficient drag regardless of your own level of expertise. Given that its motor spins when it drops, the item spares you of any backlash.

The reel also beeps to give you a stopping signal prior to it rolling up. That way, you stay away from the risk of sustaining a broken tip.


  • Comprises an Aluminum frame and spool
  • Comes in a washable design
  • Boasts of an impressive retrieve speed
  • Its motor and gears are large
  • Emits some beeping signals


  • The battery is purchased separately
  • A bit noisy to operate


#3: Shimano Force Master 9000 Electric Fishing Reel


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Deep drop fishing ordinarily requires great strength and capacity to actualize. This Shimano Force Master 9000 Electric Fishing Reel gives off the strength that takes the job easier to let you enjoy all manner of deepwater fish. These include the trevally, bass groper, and barcode.

It is highly versatile that also exhibits an amazing look and style. All these are further accompanied by loads of amazing features. Most notable are its wind and drag capacities.

On the whole, the reel gives off sufficient strength and line capacity that clearly makes it stand out. Its manual mode exists or serves to give you a diversified level of fishing experience.

Through this mode, it is possible for you to handle a variety of fishing techniques like kite fishing, deep dropping, and jigging. Its size of the spool is also great as it facilitates the operations of those who are incapable of managing traditional fishing equipment.


  • Programs the settings easily via the LCD interface
  • Its fishing lines are durable and braided
  • Captures the most-used settings like the height or depth
  • Activates its power system while retrieving your catch
  • Possesses a manual and hand retrieves


  • The manual hand retrieve disparages the left-handed persons


#4: Daiwa Lille Leo Blitz S500


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This is yet another great electric reel for saltwater. Other than being durable, it does come about also in a budget-friendly price that is worth investing in.

Its screen allows you to easily control it while on the move. It gives you the leeway to reset it to your preferences. The memo, pickup, and mode settings jointly combine to expedite your operations and controls of the said device.

Being light in weight, the gadget allows you to haul it to just about anywhere freely and steadily. Moreover, it does come along with some cables and instructions that help a novice angler to get started out well.

Thanks to the mix of these features, the item does allow for the reeling of sufficient line that stretches way up to 300 meters. This way, it gives off the rare benefit of comfortable fishing experience.


  • Lasts longer
  • Backed with the power cables
  • Operable via different modes
  • Easy to use by beginners
  • Pretty light in weight


  • Holds a paltry average depth of the line
  • Incapable of pairing with some fishing equipment


#5: Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel


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By virtue of weighing a paltry 2.94 pounds, this reel is the lightest. It is subsequently for catching just about any other kind of fish you might be desirous of. The item does have the ability to accommodate a reel that measures 300 meters, a figure that is plentiful for deep drop fishing.

As with any other product, this one has a screen that makes for easier operations. This screen complements or works hand in hand with the buttons to allow you to easily pick the menu.


  • Pretty light in weight
  • Controlled easily and conveniently
  • Its screens possess adjustable settings
  • Catches any kind of fish
  • Great for beginners and skilled fishermen alike


  • Lacks English instructions
  • Has an average line capacity


#6: Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J Electric Reel

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It, like many of the reels we have already exhausted, also lays stake to the claim of the best reel for deep drop fishing. This is made possible by the stylish design and a couple of advanced features.

Its screen also comprises a variety of buttons that lets you customize the mode, the pickup, and the memo. The buttons also give you the leeway to reset and control the various preferences of your uniqueness.

Though light in weight, the gadget is also durable. It is hence able to last a longer duration even when used frequently. The fact that it resets with ease allows for more specific targeting.


  • Highly maneuverable
  • Its screen is easier to control
  • Targets specific kinds of fish species
  • Lasts pretty long enough
  • Great for any kind of fisherman


  • Comes at too great a cost
  • May not pair with all fishing equipment


Things To Consider To Choose The Best Electric Reel For Deep Drop Fishing

These reels exist in their hundreds. Finding the right one for you is hence never really a walk in the park. Making the appropriate choice requires that you stray away from the brand but focus on the features.

Below are some of the factors you might have to consider before making the most suitable choice of a fishing reel:

Type of Water

Waters come in two main kinds. These are the fresh and the saltwater respectively. The saltwater generally requires a gear that is strong and capable of withstanding the salinity of the water well.

Freshwater fishing, on the other hand, does not really require a strong one. Instead, it works pretty fine with a lighter variant.

Different sections for saltwater fishing do exist. The onus is on you to visit that specific section without hesitating.

Spool Design

The distance from which you cast the reel is a critical factor you have to pay attention to. That is to prevent any problems that may compromise your fishing tasks.

Imagine for once that you are handling around 100 casts and that each cast comprises 15 feet. How much space can you possibly cover? Well, that amounts to 1,500 feet of water area. This is pretty wide and may even get to points where the fish may not even be aware of you!

This calls for you to consider the long cast features to be able to catch extra fishes. In light of this, you have to look at the design that is more likely to match your long cast spool size and lip.

Upon unwrapping a layer of line, the same may hit the lip of the spool and cause it to lose some distance due to friction.

To do this job just fine, you have to make use of the elongated spool and the regular spool. The elongated spool will generally work great when tapped once whereas the latter operate well in conjunction with the larger lines when you angle up the beveled lip.

The elongated spools are nonetheless costlier to come by. One sure way of combating this is to purchase a beveled lip design that saves you plenty of money. Look up to the angled lip as it is on the whole more cost-effective.


Lines do play a significant role in deep drop fishing. When engaged in the electric reel, they have to possess no humps or bumps as they have to lie completely flat on the reel.

Pay keen attention that the lines have no shims with them. The shims are indicative of the existence of bumps and humps. It is hence in your best interest to avoid falling into that trap. That means you buying the ones that are devoid of them.

A good reel lies uniformly with or without any external support because they are evenly adjusted at the factory level.

Spool Materials

Two main materials are extensively used in the manufacture of the spools. These are the graphite and Aluminum. Aluminum is by far the better of the two as it hardly cracks as the graphite does. Moreover, graphite also deforms when the line is tightened downwards.

Braid Grip

Braided lines are good enough for the electric lines due to their ability to grip any kind of line. They do comprise some rubber inserts that firmly grip the line to prevent the possibility of their rotating anyhow.


Your budget also comes in handy when deciding the kind of reel to choose. Think twice whether or not a product is worth your money before proceeding to make a purchase or not. Find a way of operating conveniently within your set budget space before thinking of increasing the same.



As you may deduce from the foregoing explanations, plenty of reels do exist in the market. Selecting the most appropriate one for the job is hence not a walk in the park. With the explanations we have given, we are certain you now have what it takes to make a suitable purchase!