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Best Gaming Console 2021

Best Gaming Console 2022

Gaming industry always evolves and adopts the new technology. You find several products for gaming console. Some of them have been at the top list of the best gaming console 2022.

You recognize big names such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. They compete in this industry to attract more users and gamers.

Some gamers think console is dead. Today, smartphone takes over a market. Situation is similar with PC and laptop. You may play on both including console.

If someone said such thing, you should invite him or her to play with your console. Gaming with advanced hardware and system is different from smartphone.

You will understand why several companies still introduce and release new console. Moreover, the new ones also enter the market.

List of the Best Gaming Console 2022

  1. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro

You ask about the best gaming console and the top answer will be Sony PlayStation 4. This device has several versions including the slim one that has been released recently.

For your information, PS4 is not the new brand but Sony provides updates each year to boost capability.

Your old PS4 is still running smoothly today. However, the new slim version is the best choice at all due to hardware and software receive significant upgrades.

Moreover, users can pick PS4 pro with the ultimate specifications you can get.

Gamers pick this console due to some reasons. It has new graphic chip that can deliver and render graphical display up to HDR level.

If you pick Pro version, the quality reaches 4K Ultra HD. that’s impressive capability for console game.

Moreover, you can play with your friends via online. Sony integrates online and offline into this new system. All users can play in PlayStation platform.

Another good thing about PS4 is exclusive games. Several developers only provide PS4 version for their released.

They are the Last of Us, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, the Uncharted Series, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. only PS4 users and owners have privilege to play them. If you like them, having PS4 is definitively worth your money.

The new technology is added to enhance PS4 capability. One of them is compatibility with Virtual Reality gear.

As you know, this one has been the mainstream in the gaming industry. You will experience the ultimate system. Sony still develops this one and the future PlayStation is expected to obtain integrated gear.


  • sophisticated technology
  • elegant design
  • Ultra HD
  • VR compatibility
  • exclusive games
  • online and multiplayer mode


  • pricier than competitors
  • need the compatible gear and handset


  1. Xbox One S

Gaming console is competitive business. You find several devices that are considered the best. One of them is Xbox One S.

Microsoft started to enter gaming market after introduced Xbox series. Several models have been released and the new one is Xbox One S.

It is dedicated as direct competitor for PlayStation. As you know, both devices are side by side to be the best gaming console.

Microsoft puts too much effort to develop and produce this console. The new version has ultimate specification.

You can play on 4K mode. Moreover, console is part of Xbox platform and ecosystem. Users can integrate their play with Windows.

This benefit is something you will not get from competitor. You play the same game with PC and Xbox even continue your session.

After long development, Microsoft also provides VR feature on this console. Users may enjoy the ultimate experience while playing with Xbox.

In general, this console is the right option when you want more compatibility with other platforms. Many game developers provide support for Xbox.


  • less price that competitor
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • comfortable controller
  • Xbox on PC
  • no need to upgrade
  • various games and contents
  • PC synchronization


  • interface is a little bit inferior


  1. Nintendo Switch

Discussing the best gaming console is not complete without Nintendo Switch. It is new handled console from Nintendo for portable use. As usual, you get exclusive contents such as Pokémon and Mario Bros.

You pick this console due to some reasons. Firstly, it is quite portable that you can bring anywhere.

Moreover, you can plug into television and enjoy playing with excellent graphic. Another reason is vast content for kids. Parents can buy this one and there is no worry about rating.

Nintendo seems to be in the different segment when you compare with PS4 and Xbox. As you know, both are for gamers who like the ultimate specs and capability.

On the contrary, Switch I for fun gaming. You will spend more time just to finish casual game.

With vast libraries, you can try other and experience the new one. This is main objective of Switch.

It does not mean this console is not good enough for the ultimate game. On the contrary, some contents will deliver graphic as equal as others.

If you connect with the right gear, your Switch will show the real capability and features. For beginner, Switch Lite seems to be the right option. It is enough to spend leisure time up to 6 hours. Your kids can play any game.


  • portable handheld
  • reasonable price
  • vast library and games
  • kid friendly content


  • not the best for graphic
  • controller requires adjustment


  1. Oculus Quest

The new technology will define the future of gaming industry. It is virtual reality that makes people wear gear to experience virtual world at the ultimate level.

You often see this idea on movies or books. Of course, VR is real and one of top company in this industry is Oculus.

You may enjoy VR on PS4 due to this console is much compatible. Unfortunately, gamers want more games and console to be practical.

Today, they use PC that is capable to boost its specs. The problem is they need reliable gear for VR.

As solution, Oculus introduces Quest since 2012 the gear received utmost appreciation. It brought virtual reality into mainstream.

The new model will have more features and capability. You can adjust with any game that supports VR. Make sure your game can turn into virtual reality mode.

After that, you wear Oculus Quest as headset and start gaming. Features include wireless connection, compact controller, and tracking system. This is one of the best gaming console for virtual reality device.

One drawback is you need wide space. Of course, it is necessary due to you will move around during gaming session. Another issue is price.

You compare Oculus and others. The price is quite higher. Oculus understands this situation and decides to put more features.

You can buy cheap VR but quality is questionable. On the other side, Oculus Quest is definitely your best choice.


  • simple setting and installation
  • vast games
  • excellent technology


  • pricier than others


  1. Sega Genesis Mini gaming console

Sega seems not in the right era today. People know this brand since long time ago. In fact, Sega was the first company that introduced gaming console.

You ask adult today and Sega will be in their favorite console.

To bring back memory, company introduces Genesis Mini. This is different from usual console. You can play with controller directly.

The good news is Sega adds several games from old library. You like classic games and this console is the best option.

Other features include multi controller and HDMI support. You and friend can enjoy the same game from this controller. If players require more clarity, HDMI will ensure display is better and more vivid.

One issue is this console cannot get new games. It means you buy and play games that have been installed.

That’s not much problem when you only enjoy leisure gaming session. Some people like this feature at all. They bring Sega Genesis anywhere.

Moreover, you get this product with cheap price. Sega is the best gaming console with the cheapest price at all.


  • vintage game
  • controller
  • cheap price
  • portability


  • less graphic
  • not quite powerful console



From above list, you have several choices. The challenge is people want to know the best with all features. That is impossible to get console with capability to fulfil all needs. You must explore and compare one by one. Each console has pros and cons.

You need to consider several things. They are graphic chip, processor, support, online feature, library, game developer, exclusive content, and price.

For your information, gaming console is developed in the different stage from smartphone. Your new phone will be useless after at least two years due to new hardware is more powerful.

On the contrary, you old console is still reliable. Usually, manufacturer provides new version after three or four years.

They must be careful to predict the future of gaming. You need more space and the console has SD card to extend the store. This feature is necessary to be available.

Keep in mind that price is subjective. You cannot justify the most expensive is the best one. That’s fallacy due to forget about other considerations.

As long as the console can fulfil your need and preference, that’s the one you should get. The decision is yours anyway.