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Best PSU 2021-

Best PSU 2021

If there is a vital component for a computer to work, the answer is PSU or Power Supply Unit. Most people think that the function of this component is similar to a power bank that will provide power to your laptop or computer when the electricity is off. But, is it true? Below are the information related to PSU as well as some recommendations of the best PSU 2021.

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What is a Power Supply Unit or PSU?

Power Supply Unit or PSU is a hardware device on a computer or laptop that has a function to directly provide electricity and distribute it to some hardware or components installed in the computer that require an electric voltage.

For example, a motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, VGA, and so on. Besides functioning as a power supplier, PSU also plays an important role in adjusting the size of the voltage that will get into the computer.

So, it can be said that the Power Supply Unit is the heart of a computer. Since its function is vital and crucial, you should be concerned about the quality of the PSU. The quality of the PSU you use can affect the lifespan of the components or hardware installed in your computer.

The case that frequently happens is that the PSU is not able to supply power according to the demand of all PC components so that power failure happens. If this happens, the PC will likely damage and the worse is losing important data. This is why it is important to choose a high-quality PSU.


Tips to Choose High-Quality PSU

Choose a PSU that has a full range input, which is 100v-230v. It will be very beneficial, especially if the electricity at your house is unstable. With such a PSU, the performance of your PC will stay stable though the electricity is unstable. This way, your PC will not easily damage.

Pick a Power Unit Supply that has an active PFC or Power Factor Correction. Today, there are 3 types of PFC available, which are Active PFC, Passive PFC, and No PFC. Active PFC means that the PSU uses a circuit to adjust the power factor and has an effectiveness of up to 95%. A PSU that has an active PFC usually has a full range input.

Choose the one that has pure power. For example, if the maximum power is 600W, the pure power can be just 500W. If the maximum power is 500W, the pure power can be just 350W. This depends on the manufacturer that produces the PSU. With a pure power specification, you will be able to estimate the hardware requirements that you properly install in your PC.

Consider choosing a PSU that has a full protection ability. The protection features equipped in PSUs are varied. For example, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection. If a short circuit happens, the PSU will automatically be on standby so that the PC and the PSU itself will not get damaged.

Choose A Power Supply Unit that has a big efficiency. The bigger the efficiency, the less power wasted so that you can save electricity.

Choose the power of PSU according to hardware needs. The biggest power consumption usually lies in the VGA and the processor. Also, determine the number of installed hard drives, USB peripherals, DVDROM, and others that you want and adjust it to the PSU power you have.


Best PSU 2021 

1. EVGA SuperNova 1600 T2

This is one of the best PSUs that you can use. EVGA SuperNova 1600 T2 has a certification of 80 Plus Titanium that is claimed to have great performances for efficiently supplying power to all PC components.

Moreover, it is also equipped with other various benefits, such as overheat protection, double-ball bearing fan, supporting continuous use with a maximum temperature of 50 degrees celsius, and many more.

Though the number mentioned in the product is 1600, this Power Supply Unit is claimed to be able to distribute power of up to 2000W. It also comes with various cables and connectors so that it will be easy for you to install this PSU.

The biggest benefit of EVGA SuperNova 1600 T2 lies in its extremely long warranty, which is 10 years. It can be said that this product is the best PSU for gaming, rendering heavy videos, and even mining cryptocurrency.


2. Corsair AX1600i

As one of the famous products of the Corsair AX series, this PSU comes to overcome various problems you face related to the power distribution to your PC. Comes with world-class performances, the voltage is guaranteed to be stable without any annoying noise.

Corsair AX1600i already has a certification of 80 Plus Titanium that is able to deliver power of 1600W. Its 140mm FDB fan can also optimally work with a low voice. There is even a zero RPM fan mode that makes it almost totally silent at low to medium load rates.


3. Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200PD

The Seasonic brand also has launched the best PSU 2021 named Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200PD. This Power Supply Unit has a certification of 80 Plus Platinum whose efficiency can reach 92% at the load level of 50%.

On the other hand, the FDB fan feature is able to muffle operating sounds better than a double-ball fan. This PSU also offers a quite unique connection system where the back panel and the circuit board are connected not via cables, but through bronze plates.

It is proposed to increase the output and avoid the possibility of human errors during the production. Seasonic Prime Platinum 1200PD also offers a 12-year guarantee. Isn’t it interesting?


4. Seasonic Prime 1000W Titanium

This is another quality PSU product from the Seasonic brand, Seasonic Prime 1000W Titanium. Just like the name, it has a watt power of 1000W and also 80 Plus Titanium certification. This Power Supply Unit also features a 105 degree capacitor from Japan that can perform very well.

As you can expect from this PSU, the Seasonic Prime 1000W Titanium also comes with a noise suppression ability. So, this PSU works quietly without sacrificing the performances. Moreover, since this product is included in the Seasonic Prime series, you can enjoy a 12-year warranty.


5. Corsair RM850x

Launched back in 2018, Corsair RM850x is proven to be able to fulfill today’s needs. Corsair RM850x is a PSU that has a certification of 80 Plus Gold and FDB fan, making it quite superior when it comes to performances though the voice is low. It is because the fan will just spin when the PSU reaches certain temperatures.

The level of its effectiveness is 90% at the load level of 50% and 92% at the same load. Corsair RM850x can only deliver 850W power, lower than previous PSU products mentioned before.

However, this Power Supply Unit is still suitable for those of you whose PC components do not consume much power. This PSU is also already 100% modular so that the cable management becomes easier.


6. Be Quiet! Straight Power 10

If you want to have a Power Supply Unit that emphasizes more on silent operation, then this PSU product from Be Quiet! can be your choice.

The brand has launched the Straight Power 10 that is the development of the 9 series. This Power Supply Unit has a certification of 80 Plus Gold and various sizes of watts according to your needs.

Though it is not completely modular, some variants like 500 W, 600 W, 700 W, and 800 W come with the cable management system that makes it easier for you when it comes to installation.

This PSU also comes with a 135mm fan in the shape of a funnel which makes it capable of good air regulation and operates with minimal noise.


7. Cooler Master MasterWatt 750W

The next is Cooler Master MasterWatt 750W is a PSU product for those of you who have a medium PC build. The MasterWatt 750W from Cooler Master has a certification of 80 Plus Bronze with 85% efficiency, but its performance is one of the best in its class.

This product is a semi-fanless Power Supply Unit so that it will not generate any noise at the load under 15%. So, you can play your favorite games or do other activities quietly with this PSU.

The LDB fan featured in the Cooled Master MasterWatt 750W is durable as well. Because various sealants that are IP6X certified and have good oil circulation. Are you interested in using this PSU product?


8. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB

Besides performances, aesthetic is also an important thing to consider. If you are also concerned about the aesthetic of the PSU you are going to choose, the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB will be very suitable for you.

Just like the name, this Power Supply Unit product has an RGB lighting feature that can be manually controlled or through software on several compatible motherboards.

The 140mm Ring Fan has five lighting settings that can be easily adjusted and stored. For the level of conducting voltage, the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB is divided into 3 variants, which are 650 W, 750 W, and 850 W.

Each of them already has a certification of 80 Plus Gold with the efficiency level of 90% at the load of 50%. Which variant are you interested in buying?


9. Corsair CX550

For you who have a tower PC with a medium build, this Corsair CX 550 Power Supply Unit is ideal for you who love to play games.

With its 80 Plus Bronze certification, this PSU product has an efficiency level around 85% at the load level of 50%. Corsair CX550 is able to deliver a maximum power of 550W. It is still suitable for the Intel i5 process and medium VGA.

Its 120mm fan is thermally controlled. So, it will only spin on particular loads. Even so, this fan has a fairly low noise level at any load level. Moreover, the LLC resonant topology with DC-to-DC connectivity features makes this PSU compatible with the latest chipsets.


10. EVGA SuperNova G3

Last but not least is the EVGA SuperNova G3. The EVGA SuperNova G3 has gone deeper into development compared to the G2 series. Unlike G2, EVGA SuperNova G3 is more focused on low noise operation.

It is seen from the HDB fan features that can work better and also be more durable. This Power Supply Unit comes with some variants of watts that range from 500W to 1000W.

EVGA SuperNova G3 is already equipped with 5 kinds of protection, which are OPP, OCP, OVP, UVP, and SCP. This PSU product also already has a certification of 80 Plus Gold with the efficiency level of 92% in its use.

There is also an ECO Intelligent Thermal Control System feature that is useful to remove any noise in the fan. It also comes with a fully modular cable feature for a better cable management.



As you can see, some of the PSU recommendations above are modular. A Modular PSU is a relatively new approach to computer wiring. It allows the user to remove unused cables from the Power Supply Unit.

Modular PSUs tend to have more benefits than conventional PSUs. A modular PSU provides connectors at the back of the PSU for better cable management. Besides making the Power Supply Unit look neat, such a system also allows for a better air circulation inside the computer case.

Moreover, by using a modular Power Supply Unit, users will be able to replace or modify the types of cables they want to use. For instance, they can modify the length of the connector cable.

However, it does not mean that a modular PSU does not have any disadvantages. Some mention that this kind of PSU can cause greater electrical resistance than a conventional PSU. There are several factors that can cause such an issue, such as the quality of the connector.

So, it will be better if you educate yourself first before you decide to buy a modular one or conventional one.