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Best Tripods Under 200 in 2020

There are several good tripods on the market today, spanning a wide range of prices. Today we’re going to look at the  best tripods under 200 that you will love, for 2020.

Some of the features that make a tripod attractive are its ease of use, durability, and quality. In short, a good tripod is one that can perform as expected, without breaking the bank of the photography. Finding a good tripod for under 200 would be a steal for anyone looking for camera accessories at an affordable price.

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What Makes the Tripod Some Important?

The tripod is an indispensable accessory when it comes to photography. When used correctly, it has the potential to turn an average photographer into a great one. A tripod can mean the difference between professional and amateur photography.

Tripods are meant to be sturdy so that they can carry the weight of the camera while facilitating a 360-degree rotation of the camera fixed atop it. Apart from performing this delicate balancing act, a tripod should be steady to facilitate a smooth photographing experience.

Sometimes the environment in which you are working can serve as an impediment to taking quality pictures. But, a good tripod, like a good assistant, can help you capture images the way you intended.

Below is a comparison of what we think are some of the best tripods the industry has to provide, ranging in price from the affordable to the moderately expensive; all the while keeping in mind our promise to bring 6 tripods for under $200. The list is arranged in order of the highest price to the lowest.


Best Tipods Under 200

1). The Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB with Ball Head

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The Vanguard tripod is regarded as one of the most popular brands among photography enthusiasts for under $200. Many photographers have vouched for its quality, handling, and excellent results it facilitated.

One of the Vanguard’s best features is its excellent ball head. It swivels with ease while holding the camera steady. The easy-lock feature holds the camera where you want it. The ease of this feature is further enhanced by the availability of huge adjustment knobs.

It has been proven that the availability of larger adjustment knobs makes for easier setting of the tripod. The ball head is rather small, however, and is not recommended for the larger sporting and wildlife cameras. But it is excellent for other, smaller cameras.

The Vanguard tripod is equipped with bubble levels on top to ensure your camera is level, and the tripod leg spikes are retractable and made from sturdy aluminum. The center column is designed to prevent the tripod from lowering all the way to ground level, making it impossible to take wide-angle, or ground-level shots.

The Vanguard stands at a maximum height of 68 in. when its adjustable legs are fully extended. That means that even the tallest photographers can operate the instrument comfortably. This tripod is of medium weight, which means it is easy to transport and easy to setup. However, that makes it less ideal for operating in windy conditions.


2). The Davis and Sanford PROVISTA 18 Tripod

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This tripod features an FM18 and is especially suited for larger cameras, but adapts well with camcorders, compact cameras, and the larger HD cameras favored by professional photographers.

The PROVISTA18 is specifically designed for outdoor videographers who conduct most of their work outdoors. These tripods are heavy-duty and are ideally suited for the rugged outdoors, as well as some studio photography.

The central post comes with self-locking gears and a no-drift feature that the camera remains smooth and steady while panning. This tripod can easily support a camera weight of 38 lbs and, therefore, can accommodate the weight of the heaviest cameras.

It also comes with quick-release plates, which facilitate quick mounting and dismounting of cameras. It stands as one of the most reliable and durable pieces of photography accessories in its category, at an affordable price. Its maximum height is 78 inches and can be lowered to 31 inches. When folded, it is only 34 inches and comes with a handy, padded tote bag that serves as both protection and a carrying case.


 3). The Ravelli AVTP

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The Ravelli is a popular tripod among photographers and is an excellent camera accessory. They best know for their high quality, and their affordable price, as they are listed under $200.

Unlike most tripod designs, which feature a central ballast column, the Ravelli comes equipped with a three-way interlocking system for the legs.

This interlocking, 3-segment system gives the tripod more stability, even while supporting weights up to 27 lbs. Setup is quick and easy, and the locking system is a cinch to operate.

The Ravelli has rubber connectors that give the camera more stability. It also has a dual adjustment handle that allows the photographer to pan 360 degrees, and tilt at a 180-degree angle. This makes the camera operation smooth and effortless.

The camera is secured to the tripod head by a quick-release video plate, which also comes with a separate safety lock that keeps the camera secure. The listed price includes a handy tote bag that can easily accommodate the tripod and the tripod, head, and spreader.


4). The SIRUI T2005XTX Tripod

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This tripod is a lesser-known member of the tripod market but is an excellent tripod and a real bargain for the price. It is manufactured by a Chinese company that is known for producing high-quality equipment.

Even though the company may struggling for brand recognition in the market, the SIRUI has met, and in some cases, exceeded the expectations of photographers who gave it a try.

It has helped many photography enthusiasts achieve the results they were looking for.

However, in spite of its attractiveness, and lightweight, sturdy construction and ease of use, it does have some shortcomings. One of which is the narrow legs, which makes it susceptible to blowing over in windy conditions.

Also, the narrow legs don’t distribute its weight very well and, as a result, it can topple over when one of the heavier cameras are mounted on top of it. However, such shortcomings are minimal but don’t stack up well against premium models like the Vanguard.

The SIRUI has a maximum height of 61 inches, which is about average, although there are other models with a higher stance. The legs are uniquely designed to allow almost 180 degrees panning.

Nevertheless, the SIRUI is considered a full-sized tripod, folds down to a compact size for easy carrying and storage. Setup time is acceptable, but other models like the Vanguard and Manfrotto are better.

5). The Oben AC-1441 4-Section Aluminum Tripod

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The AC 1441 is a lightweight tripod and is considered one of the best photography accessories for the money, weighing in at only 3.3 lbs. Even though it is lightweight, it is rugged and can support a camera weight of up to 11 lbs.

It is made from sturdy aluminum and has four legs, which gives it the capability to support the heavier weight and operate with precision. The legs can be extended to a maximum height of 61.6 inches, and retract to an easily manageable 21.3 inches.

This tripod comes equipped with all the standard features like, a bubble level, a middle column hook called the ballast hook, that can be used to attach extra weight for added stability.

One of the best features of the AC-1441, however, is the mid-column that can be flipped, allowing the photography to shoot images from a vantage point of only 8.3 inches above the ground.

It also comes with the BA 111 head that sports a single locking lever, which makes it excellent for panning. This single-action knob facilitates 360 degrees rotation. The head features 4 bubble levels, which provide unmatched accuracy while capturing panoramic images.


6). The Manfrotto Compact Advanced Aluminum Tripod

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This is a lightweight tripod and is ideal for amateur photographers. It can also be used by professional photographers, but its lightweight frame is not designed for the heavier cameras preferred by professional photographers.

If you use a compact DSLR or a camera with a lightweight lens, then the Manfrotto is the tripod for you. The lightweight frame can still support a weight of up to 7 lbs, and that is not too shabby for a tripod listed for less than a hundred bucks.

The Manfrotto has a maximum height of 65 inches, and a minimum height of 17.3 inches. Its compact size makes it easy to transport, yet its 65-inch height makes it adaptable for even the tallest photographers. At less than one hundred bucks, the Manfrotto is an unbeatable bargain, and its sturdy, aluminum frame ensures its durability.



Ultimately, the tripod you choose depends on your needs. So, there are no winners, but the tripod we choose will depend on things like how often we use it, the size of the camera it will be expected to support, and how much we are willing to pay for it. Based on those criteria, you can conclude which tripod fits your needs.

If you are an amateur and are just starting, then you might want to take a look at the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Aluminum Tripod first. At $100, it is affordable, and its lightweight makes it easy to carry. And at 65 inches, it can easily be adapted to most photographer’s height. This is a deal that would be hard to pass up.

Now, if you’re into videography, then the Davis and Sanford Provista 18 would make an excellent choice. It is a great value for the price! But, if you’re a professional looking for something long-lasting, with quick setup capabilities, and a bargain, then check out the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB with Ball Head. it is a superior multi-use tripod.

All of these tripods represent great value. If there are some others you know about that you think should’ve been included in the list, then please let us know.