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Traveling With a Food Allergy

For those of you who have some allergies on foods while you are traveling in other places sometimes, it can be difficult. And sometimes when you are in a new place it is hard to find the foods which you can eat and which you cannot eat.

Besides that, there are so many unfamiliar foods if you are traveling around the world, and that is why you need some guidance for traveling with a food allergy. Here are some following tips for traveling without any worry in the matter of food allergy.

Carry Your Food Allergy Card in Multiple Languages

You can carry a handy card that has the lists of your foods and snacks allergies in the English language or maybe some languages that spoken in the destination of places that you want to visit.

Even you can also make your handy cards, such as using sturdy paper, simple notecards, or maybe you can order that from an online shop, and after that, you can print your cards as you want.

Carrying Your Snacks

The safest way to eat while you are traveling is by carrying the snacks from your home. It is a good way to eat because you do not have to feel worried about the ingredients that contain your snacks.

And from this way, you have been already made a good selection in the kinds of snacks which suit you. The familiar snack brands from home also make you feel happier and safer than any other product from a new place.

Bring Your Allergy Medicine

To avoid the worst condition if you get your allergy, then you should bring your allergy medicine to prioritize it before packing the things in your bag. Therefore, you will not feel worried about your allergy, because you have been brought your allergy medicine. And make sure that you put it inside your bag so that you will not feel panic if you get your allergy anytime and anywhere.

Find Your Tribe

In this modern age, you are not only the one who tries to navigate the word in this matter. And of course, there are some apps that can assist you to search for safe things like food to eat.

For example, you find some apps that available in Android and iOS such as AllegyEats for several restaurants located in the United States, and also Spokin (iOS only), that assist you in searching some people and resources based on the allergies and destination.

These are the following tips for traveling with a food allergy that you can use as a reference when you want to go abroad. Make sure to select foods and snacks which are fit to you, so that you cannot get your allergy when traveling.